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Collects data from users who click on a link.

Every time we surf the Internet, we leave a trace. Especially when logging into a social network or forum. In fact, we can give information about our IP address, our actual physical location, the Internet operator, etc. Occasionally, we avoid this filtering by using a VPN. Well, in this post, we will see how easy it is to collect a user’s information. Read on to find out how to collect data from users who click on a link.

What data do we expose when surfing the net?

We tend to use the Internet for many things. For example, to read news from our favorite site. So, what data could this site collect? For statistical purposes, the site records certain visitor data. For example, the location to know from where they visit that page. They may also know the type of device we are using. This information is useful to adapt the website to the type of screen you are using. That is, mobile, tablet or computer. In the same vein, they can determine what operating system we are using and even the web browser.

On the other hand, we may also expose personal data. This happens if we register in a forum or website. In fact, we usually write our name, email address and phone number. It can also happen when filling in a form or even when sharing content via social networks. In short, our data is often exposed. Much more than we would believe at first glance. Therefore, we have explained how to improve privacy when surfing the web.

Collects data from users using IPLogger

So, the logical question is: How much information can be collected from a user? We will try to answer that question. With this in mind, we will talk about IPLogger. This is a website that allows you to log all IP addresses that pass through a link. Basically, it logs the IPs of all users who open a link. Moreover, it is a free service that offers several tools.

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This service monitors and logs all users entering a URL. Consequently, display all the statistics of the users who have entered. For this purpose, we use a logger linked to an image that will record all the IP addresses of users who load that image or a hit counter.

How to Generate a URL

The first thing we have to do is to generate a shortened URL from your website. In fact, we can put any link that interests us. You just have to paste it in the corresponding box. Next, just click on Shortener.

Preparing a link to collect users' data
Preparing a link to collect users’ data

After accepting the license terms, you will be redirected to a new screen. From there we will see various information. Namely, the generated URL, the address to view statistics, etc. What we are most interested in is IPLogger ID, which allows us to consult the statistics.

Generating the link to collect information from users
Generating the link to collect information from users

This ID is the gateway to many data. Indeed, we will be able to see the IP of the users, how many visits the link has had, etc. In any case, all the information is available to be copied from the same web page. Therefore, you just have to select the one you are most interested in.

Send the link

Well, we have already completed the first step, which is to generate the link. However, we will not achieve anything if we do not make the users enter. Consequently, we have several tools to do it. It is possible to send it through messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. We can also use social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Keep in mind that we must attract users to this link. For a specific issue, you can send it personally via WhatsApp or other means of communication. On the other hand, if you want to collect countless statistical data, then the ideal is to publish it through social networks. This tool is very advantageous for those responsible for creating advertising campaigns for web pages. Indeed, it allows them to have more control over the users’ location. In addition to who enters and from which device or system they do it. Certainly, there are free SEO tools that serve these purposes. However, it is not too much to have an extra mechanism.

How to view registered data

We are getting to the neuralgic point. Indeed, after the users have entered the link, then it is time to consult the statistics. With this in mind, it is necessary to access the IPLogger website. Once there, just click on Your IPLoggers. Now, in the corresponding box, please enter the ID we copied earlier. Consequently, the dashboard is displayed. Now just click on Logged IP’s. In this way, we will see the IP addresses of users, visits and other data. For example, the date and time a user accessed, the IP address, the operator to which it corresponds, the location, operating system and browser used.

IPLogger showing detailed information of the users who clicked on it
IPLogger showing detailed information of the users who clicked on it

All the information is detailed in the image above. However, we can go further and display the detailed geographical location of the IP address. To do so, just click on the map icon. It will immediately display a map with the country to which the IP address corresponds.

Country location
Country location


Ultimately, we have seen how to collect information from users who click on a link. In addition, IPLogger accomplishes this task very well. It shows us the IP address, location, browser or operating system. We can even keep statistics on the number of users who have accessed. It is elementary to use. Additionally, it offers functions that go beyond generating a simple link. We can also do the same with an image. From it, we can collect information of interest. If you have a website and want to collect statistical data about the users that visit it, then this tool is for you. Bye!

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