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Chromebook – How to Get the Most out of it

For a lightweight package, Chromebook is one of the most popular & best choices. In fact, the popularity of Chromebook is uprising more & more. The reasons are quite obvious – the lower price than Windows laptops or MacBooks, simplicity etc. If you’re a Chromebook user or planning to get one for yourself, you’ll find these tips & tricks very helpful to make your life easier.

The perfect Chromebook

There’s nothing perfect in the world. Things will only be the best for you if those are compatible with you. Depending on your choices and needs, you have to get the best possible Chromebook.

If you’re a budget user, then Chromebook is your right choice. The price range is huge – starting from $99 up to $1600. So, you won’t have any shortage of choice. Keep an eye on the hardware, as it’ll determine the performance and your experience with the device.

Subscribe to Google’s Experimental Channel

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Chromebook comes up with Chrome OS (stable channel). Google only provides features & facilities that are proven stable and doesn’t cause any problem. This is alright for casual and average users, but if you want to be adventurous, you can shift to the experimental (Beta or Developer) channels. For expert and BRAVE users, I recommend the Canary channel. Exercise caution here, as Canary channel is highly unstable and not for everyday usage, but you’ll have immediate access to any new feature instantly.

In general, the Beta channel is quite optimal. It’s more stable (except Stable channel) than any other channels. Moreover, you’re getting all the new features pretty easily. It’s also quite a nice option for having a fun life with Chromebook.

Everyday apps

Chrome OS is a not so popular operating system to the community. However, it doesn’t lack the power for everyday usage at all. In fact, there’re lots of tools and apps available! It’s a magic of Google making Android apps available in the OS.

For everyday usage and productivity, these apps will greatly help you out with everything.

  • Office suite – MS Office
  • Easy notes/lists management – Keep/Evernote
  • Google Drive
  • Photo editors – Pixlr, Polarr or Gravity Designer
  • Games – Asphalt 8, Hearthstone, Minecraft, Alto’s Adventure etc.

You’ll definitely find out more useful apps from the Google Play Store for sure.

Use Linux distros

You might not know, but you can easily use Ubuntu alongside the Chrome OS! It’s a best way to increase your productivity and enhance your Chromebook to the ultimate level.

There are 2 ways you can get Ubuntu into your Chromebook – ChrUbuntu (Ubuntu for Chromebook) and Crouton. The last one is more recommended as it’s safer and doesn’t wipe out all the data out of your Chromebook. For an in-depth setup guide, please follow the respective instructions.

Hopefully, these tricks will definitely make your Chromebook into the ultimate one for you.

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