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Bring desktop gadgets back to Windows 10.

Hi, how are you? Support for Windows 7 has recently ended. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you migrate to a computer with Windows 10. However, many users are nostalgic for the old system. For example, the desktop gadgets that could be added in Windows 70. These could be added and displayed certain information regarding the weather, clock, calendar, CPU performance, among others. Well, this gadget package was removed in Windows 8. And it hasn’t been included in Windows 10 either. But don’t worry, in this post, we will see how to bring desktop gadgets back to Windows 10.

Enjoy up to 45 gadgets with 8GadgetPack

As mentioned, these gadgets are not natively available for Windows 10. Do you miss some features of this fabulous operating system? Well, then 8GadgetPack is for you. This is a complete pack of 45 widgets created for Windows 8, but that works perfectly in Windows. It includes, for example, the analog clock or the CPU meter. These were originally developed by Microsoft but then abandoned the project. In addition, the sidebar is also available to configure the operation.

How to download and install Windows 7 for Windows 10 gadgets

To download this package, you need to go to the project website. Please download the latest version of the program. Then install it like any other app for Windows.

Install Windows 7 gadgets with 8gadgetpack
Install Windows 7 gadgets with 8gadgetpack

Once the program is installed, the classic sidebar will be displayed with some gadgets running.

The 8gadgetpack sidebar
The 8gadgetpack sidebar

By right-clicking on the bar, you can enter the options. Inside the Orientation tab, you can configure the behavior of the bar. For example, the location to the right or left. The same way the bar can be auto-hidden or always shown on top. Finally, you can also show an icon in the taskbar or the bar will not be shown at all.

Edit the sidebar orientation.
Edit the sidebar orientation.

Now within the View tab, set the visual aspects of the sidebar. For example, the transparency or the theme. And likewise the alignment of gadgets.

Sets the visual appearance of the sidebar.
Sets the visual appearance of the sidebar.

There are two options for adding gadgets. The first one is to click on the + symbol at the top of the sidebar. The other option is to right-click with the mouse and then click Add Gadget.

A window with the available gadgets will be displayed immediately. Just double-click on the gadget or right click on the mouse to add it.

Add any gadget you want.
Add any gadget you want.

To configure the gadget, just click on the wrench icon right next to it.


Ultimately we’ve seen how to bring desktop gadgets back to Windows 10. As you have seen the program is very friendly and simple to use. So if you like vintage, then this tool is for you. All right, that’s it for now. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about changing the wallpapers in Windows 10.

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