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Best websites to download free software

Internet downloads are one of the main routes of infection for malware and unwanted software. Therefore, we always recommend that you avoid downloading files from pirate or disreputable websites. Likewise, we urge you to download programs for your PC from their official websites. This is undoubtedly the best way to stay safe. We also make sure to download the latest version of the programs and avoid running unnecessary risks. By always going to the official websites, we ensure that the programs have not been modified to hide threats. In addition, we will make sure that we are downloading the latest version available. However, it is true that searching web by web can be complicated and tedious. For this reason, there are web pages that allow us to find practically any type of program or application for our PC. Next we will see Best websites to download free software.

Best websites to download free and adware-free software

In addition to the operating system that all desktop computers have installed, the additional software that we find in them is fundamental. This includes software that we add ourselves, or that comes standard on the computer. Either way, these programs we are referring to will be of enormous help when it comes to getting the most out of the computer as such. But of course, it is equally important to choose the title that most interests us in each case, as well as the source from where we are going to download it.

It is true that the era of buying software packages in their corresponding official box has become somewhat outdated, or at least obsolete. Nowadays, the most common thing is to download what we need. Either for free or for a fee, from online websites. Here we can use the official pages of the software developers. Or other, more generic websites that offer these programs directly.

At this point, what we must do is to choose well the website we are going to choose for the download, since not all of them are 100% reliable. Precisely in these same lines we offer you some of the best known and used worldwide in this regard.


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If we are looking for a website with high-quality applications, MajorGeeks is one of the best. On this website, we will find all kinds of quality freeware programs. Its editors check that the downloads are legitimate, reliable and safe before offering them to users.

Its main limitation is that, being limited to very high-quality applications, and many of them even technical, some programs may not be found. But yes, everything we find in this portal will be fully trusted.


FossHub is another alternative to download free software safely. This website is designed to host and allow us to download all kinds of free and open-source software. However, we can also find some options that, although they will always be free, are proprietary, closed source.

In addition to offering free applications, this website is against pop-ups and all kinds of adware or potentially unwanted software. Everything we download from their servers will be reliable.


This is one of the largest sites where we can find practically any type of program. Its database has about one million registered programs, it has a powerful and simple software search engine and the downloads, besides being verified and trustworthy, are updated.


GitHub is the portal par excellence where you can find all kinds of open-source software. The above websites provide access to program downloads. However, from here we will be able to access directly to the source code of the programs. In addition, we will be able to see a list with all the versions and all the changes that have been detected. If you have a problem, you can contact the developer directly.

Among its disadvantages, we find that it is not exactly intuitive or easy to use. But if we are going to download an open-source software, we will not find any link closer to the original one.


Ninite is not as complete as the previous ones, although it is true that, if we know how to take advantage of it, it can be very interesting. This website has a list with the essential applications that most users may need on their computer, allows us to select the ones we are interested in and download an installer with all of them.

When we execute this installer, all the applications that we have selected will be downloaded and installed automatically. The installation of the programs is silent. In consequence, we will not have to be aware of accepting windows or deactivate the consent to install unwanted software. Anyway, we have seen a selected list of the best websites to download free software. Bye!

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