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Best Task Managers for Linux

Task manager is one of the handiest tools for any computer user. It gives tremendous power over the system and allows performing some important tasks for keeping the system smooth. Task managers are also useful to have a better understanding of your system and for advanced users, it’s a great tool for even identifying any possible culprit behind the system’s suspicious behavior.

All the operating systems in the world come up with a pre-installed task manager. In most cases, that’s more than enough for basic, everyday usage. However, that app can be lame or difficult to understand for average users or doesn’t provide all the necessary functionalities. It’s especially true in the case of Linux.

Task managers

Today, let’s take a look on some of the best Linux task managers.

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By far, it’s one of the best task managers any Linux user can ask for. It offers lots of available options like stopping, restarting and controlling any program running. Htop also offers easy real time monitoring of the system and easy control over hardware resource.

It features a text-based interface, but easy to work with. You can also search for any specific process. You can also run it over the internet via SSH. Learn how to install and enjoy Htop.

This is the task manager from the KDE Plasma desktop environment. However, don’t get fooled; it packs a powerful bunch of abilities that puts it on the top list of task managers. There are a number of powerful, simple-to-use built-in functions.

KSysGuard has a “Client/Server” design that allows managing both remote and local systems. With the powerful search feature and detailed system-load tab, you can keep track of your Linux processes very easily and control their behavior.

It’s a minimalistic task manager that’s for the GNOME Shell desktop environment. Despite being minimalistic, it offers a number of strong features.

It comes up with a useful “File Systems” feature that allows users have a clear view of hard drive space. The “Resource” tab is there for helping out with RAM/SWAP usage and other hardware usage in a neat manner. You can customize the “Resources” tab for adding options like CPU time, shared memory etc.

  • Stacer

It’s more than a simple task manager. Stacer is a system optimizer, system cleaner, package manager, resource viewer and also, a task manager. The interface is pretty modern and user-friendly. Thus, it’s suitable for new Linux users as well.

You can also manage the startup apps, enable/disable system services, clear app cache and even uninstall apps. The task manager also offers detailed info on each running processes.

Your choice

These are some of the best task managers you can ask for on Linux system. However, there are also other available task manager apps like LXTask, Glances, XFCE4 Task Manager, Mate System Monitor etc. Different desktop environments comes up with their default task manager apps. Feel free to share your thoughts and your experience. Don’t forget to mention your favorite task manager!

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