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Best programs to convert photos into cartoons.

Hi! We are often looking for the best photos. Indeed, we want good quality photos, good lighting, perfect portraits, etc. Thanks to the impressive smartphone cameras, we can take advantage of any situation to take a snapshot. Moreover, the result will be excellent. However, we have certainly thought about how to give those photos an original and fundamentally different look. Therefore, we are going to see several programs, and websites, to turn any photos into cartoons. On the other hand, both for Android and iOS, we can find numerous applications to convert photos into cartoons. Logically, it is from there where we get the photos. However, when we start seeking alternatives to do it from Windows, things get a little complicated. There is a great variety of alternatives to convert photos into cartoons. Let’s see some of them!

What to look for in this software

The first thing we need is a photo editing or retouching program. However, not just anyone can accomplish this task. Consequently, we have to look for one that is capable of turning any normal photo into a cartoon. Once the right program has been chosen, another of the most important features to look for in this type of software is that it has a wide variety of filters. In addition, it is very essential that we can customize these filters. This way we will be able to have several cartoon effects for our photos. Consequently, we will be able to pick the one we like the most. In addition, it is interesting that it also allows us to save new filters that we can download from the Internet. We can even create some of our own.

Other interesting functions that can be found in this type of software are, for example, the possibility of adding elements to the photo. Moreover, these elements have to be in the form of a cartoon. It is also good to preview the changes before applying them.

Free programs for photo to cartoon conversion.

As it is usual in most of the current software sectors, the diversity of titles we can get our hands on is enormous. As it is usual in most of the current software sectors, the diversity of titles we can get our hands on is enormous. This allows us to select those that most interest us in each case. Additionally, we will be able to select those that most interest us in each case based on different parameters. In these cases, things such as the complexity of the software in question, its size, resource consumption, and of course, its price, come into play.

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We put you in context because we will offer different options to turn photos into cartoons. Furthermore, the possible choice varies according to what we are willing to invest in a software of this type. It also influences the type of task we want to develop. For the above-mentioned reasons, we will start this countdown with the best free programs to convert photos into cartoons.


Paint.Net is a completely free program created as an intermediate point between Paint and Photoshop. This program has many options and tools that allow us to edit and retouch our photos. But the most interesting thing we will see is the function of drawing our photos.

To convert a photo into a drawing with this program, what we must do is open the Effects menu and there select the Artistic section. Now we can play with the 3 tools that appear to achieve the desired drawing effect. We can also add noise or some kind of blur that can improve the final look of the image. We can download this program from its main web page.

On the downside, paint.net is a very resource-intensive program. Consequently, it is not recommended for use on computers with modest performance. On the other hand, it is not suitable if we require it for professional use, and we will miss more advanced tool options. You can also get these printed using a service like Wallpics.


This program is characterized above all by being simple and fast to use. It supports numerous image formats. In addition, it allows, in just a few clicks, to draw our photo in the program. It has different effects, and a series of adjustments (tone, saturation, brightness, contrast, etc.) These adjustments help to give the final touch to the image. We can download this program from here.

Its main disadvantage is that it is not a proper editor. We base this statement on the available effects. However, if we make a proper use of them, we can obtain great results. With the addition that it is totally free.

Sketch Me!

This program is totally free and exclusive for Windows 10 users. In it, we will find everything we need to convert our photos to cartoons. Thus, we can leave the conversion in the hands of the automatic process. In the same way, we can use the tools we want to carry out this task. The most used effect in this program is drawing, but there are many other effects, such as comic, paste, or neon. These effects can be used if they best suit what we are looking for. This program is available for Windows 10 users directly from the Microsoft Store.

Its main drawback is that, given its simplicity, it may be too simple for users looking for a more demanding experience.

Paid applications to obtain cartoons.

Previously we saw some applications at zero cost. However, it may also be the case that we need somewhat more advanced solutions. It may also be the case that we try a paid application and find it simpler or more useful than other free ones. Accordingly, let’s take a look at some paid applications to turn photos into cartoons.


iToon is the easiest way to modify our photographs from Windows. The operation of this program is elementary. In fact, all we have to do is open the program, import the photo to which we want to give the effect and choose the effect we would like to apply, that’s all. iToon will take care of the rest.

This program has more than 50 different effects. In addition, each of them can be customized to achieve the desired finish with it. When we have adjusted the parameters, we apply the changes and that’s it. We can download this program from its website. We have mentioned that the use of iToon is simple. In fact, this is its greatest strength. However, given this simplicity, the results are not spectacular.


Photoshop, Adobe’s photo retouching software, allows us to turn our photos into cartoons. However, it does not have an option that allows us to do it as such. In fact, we will have to do it manually play with effects, layers, blending options and masks. It is a complicated task for inexperienced users. However, it is the only way to get something really original that is not based on presets from other programs. You can download Photoshop from here.

The main drawback of using Photoshop is its complexity for inexperienced users. Indeed, it is somewhat complicated to obtain great results. Additionally, its high cost works against it.

All right, so we have seen the best programs to turn photos into cartoons. We also show you free and paid options as well. See you soon!

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