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Best programs to apply a retro effect to photos.

Photography has become more and more fashionable thanks to the presence of digital cameras. Whether compact or those included in cell phones. This has led to the popularization of filters. Indeed, one of the most popular is the vintage effect. For this, we can use different software and web applications that will allow us to give a retro look to our photos. Certainly, this boom in photography has a special impact on social networks. Some of them, such as Instagram, allow us to edit our photos directly. In the case that we use our Windows computer, we should know that there are programs that will give us the possibility to choose any photo. Then we can add a vintage effect, getting a retro look and giving the feeling that it was taken in the middle of the last century. Look the Best programs to apply a retro effect to photos.

Must-have programs for applying a retro effect to photos.

Next, we are going to see a series of free editors for Windows with which we can give that vintage and retro effect to our photos. As a result, we will obtain results that can satisfy the needs of any user. And all this without having to go through any kind of editing process.


This is possibly one of the best free programs to get a retro effect in our photos. It is a simple-to-use photo editor with which we can give our images the shape of an old photograph. In addition, the application offers 35 different effects, divided into 20 for color effects and 15 for light effects. In this way we obtain a Polaroid effect.

Its use is as simple as importing the photo from your PC and clicking on the Retro tab to display all the effects available. Just select the one you want to apply to your photo. The only thing we perhaps miss is that it does not have the possibility to adjust the size. The results obtained can be shared on various platforms. That is to say, through social networks, photo storage websites (Flickr, Tumblr, etc.), email, or simply save them on your computer.


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This is a photo editor that we can also use to add an antique effect to our photos from the PC. With this in mind, it has different filters such as retro or vintage. In total, it has more than 30 photo effects among which we find some like Old Photo, Black and White, among others. It certainly lacks the power of other options such as Photoshop or Paint.NET. However, the program does well as a free editor for beginners.

It will only be necessary to run the program and add the desired photographic effect and apply it to our images with a single click. Then, you just have to export it. Other features include layers, undo, and batch processing. It also includes a wide variety of useful and powerful tools for selecting, cropping, painting, retouching, measuring and browsing. In addition, from its website, we can find a considerable number of resources. For example, tutorials, clip art, frames, patterns, textures, and shapes.


If you want to learn how to make a photo look old with no hassle, then be sure to try PhotoWorks, a powerful photo editor with a handful of easy-to-use tools. With this lightweight software, you can retouch a portrait, color correct images, change the background, add a picture to a picture, and even edit multiple photos at once. The AI-driven tools let you fine-tune pictures like a pro even if you have little experience in photo editing. 

In PhotoWorks, it only takes a couple of clicks to make your photos look vintage – just apply one of the countless filters like 30’s photo, Faded photo, Old film, Fuji Blue, and more. Alternatively, you can make adjustments on your own, e.g. add grain, decrease saturation, turn images black and white, stylize photos with the Vignetting tool, and so on. In other words, the program will satisfy all your needs and is definitely worth trying.

Vintage Photo Editor

We are now talking about an application that says it all with its name. Vintage Photo Editor has a wide range of effects and filters. This way we will be able to give our images a retro look without the need to have any editing knowledge. In total, we will find 20 photo effects, 20 texture effects and more than 20 texture overlays. In addition, it allows us to adjust the brightness, black and white, contrast or sharpness.

The software offers unique lighting and colors to transform any snapshot into an image with a retro atmosphere. We can also share it on the most popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. To use Vintage Photo Editor, just download it for free from the Windows Store.


This is a simple image editing software. Its main feature is to be able to improve the quality of our photos, correct them and make some changes such as cropping or removing the background. We can also use it to create an antique effect to the images. In fact, it has 9 different vintage effects that we can try until we find the one that best suits what we are looking for.

Another of its unique features is that it provides a retro frame along with all the old effects to highlight the final result of our photos. Another of its unique features is that it provides us with a retro frame along with all the old effects to highlight the final result of our photos. It also can retouch files in batches, take screenshots and convert images taken in RAW format. In addition, it has a complete GIF creator, a graphic editor and a file browser. All these features give it a preeminent place in this list. It also represents a serious free alternative to programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Very well, in this way we have seen the Best programs to apply a retro effect to photos. So, there are no more excuses to give your photographs that different touch. Bye!

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