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Best IDE tools of 2018

To become a great developer, you must know the best-integrated development environment (IDE) tools. IDE tools are software platforms which provide a set of tools as a complete development solution in one package. In this way, there are no specific best IDE tools for everyone, it depends on the developers and which platform you are on. IDE tools can be used by individuals or a team to develop new software, application, websites, and various processes or integrations.

There are some characteristics which can ensure you whether an IDE tool is best for you or not, as:

  • Provides programming capability with Graphical User Interface,
  • Displays a platform’s API, code suggestions, and code deployment,
  • Integrate with at least one built-in

Best IDE tools of 2018:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio: Microsoft Visual Studio is a powerful and premium IDE platform developed by Microsoft. It is one of the best IDE tools available out there. There are different editions of Microsoft Visual Studio available to choose because this one IDE is capable of developing web applications, computer programs, mobile applications and video games.

  • Supported languages:
    • .NET
    • JavaScript
    • Jscript
    • Visual C++ and C#, Basic and F#
    • XAML and so on.
  • Top features:
    • An enormous community who are offering countless of libraries,
    • Customizable User Interface and Code Editor,
    • Monitors performances in real time,
    • Automation tools,
    • Easy refactoring and code snippet insertion and
    • Uses IntelliSense.
  • NetBeans: NetBeans is an open source software which is the best platform to start developing an application from scratch. It has a user-friendly interface with so many advanced features and technology. NetBeans Is basically known for developing JAVA based mobile, web and desktop applications but there are tools and integration available to download and develop with other programming languages.
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  • Supported Languages:
    • C, C++ and C++11
    • Fortran
    • JAVA
    • PHP
    • HTML5 and more.
  • Top Features:
    • Countless Dynmanic and Static libraries,
    • Easy to use, intuitive drag and drop user interface,
    • Multi-session GNU debugger integration,
    • Compatible with most of the well-known Operating system as Linux, Windows, MacOS, Solaris etc.


  • Eclipse: Eclipse is also an open source and JAVA based development environment. But due to its vast number of extensions and plug-ins, it has a great range of capabilities in the development. The Eclipse Marketplace offers countless plugins and information supplied by an expanding community of developers which will keep you on the right track of development.

  • Supported Language:
    • C, C++,
    • Java,
    • PHP
    • Python
    • Perl and more.
  • Top Features:
    • JUnit Integration,
    • Multi-language support,
    • Automated error reporting,
    • Task-focused UI with tray-notifications.


  • Code::Blocks: Codeblocks is a simple, free and popular platform for newbies and Pros. It has a customizable user interface and plugin frameworks to meet the development needs.

  • Supported Language:
    • C,
    • C++,
    • Fortran
  • Top feature:
    • Code::Blocks is written in C++, and supports multiple compilers.
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS,
    • It supports countless prebuilt and custom built plugins.
    • Simple task management tools for multiple users.


  • PyCharm: PyCharm is an excellent IDE, developed by Jet Brains Community. It has the best code assistance and analysis ability. PyCharm is the best development environment for Python Developers, but it also supports other languages.

  • Supported Language:
    • Python,
    • JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js,
    • Coffee Script,
    • HTML, CSS, and more.
  • Top Features:
    • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS,
    • Easy to integrate with GitHub and Git repository,
    • Django Debuggers,
    • Supports Google App Engine.
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  1. It`s not fair to show us only Pycharm. JetBrains have many similar IDEs and support many times more languages. Config import/export make work with JetBrains IDEs like work with single IDE.

    • Well, as the above list was focused on the popularity of IDE, and Programming Language support, talking about PyCharm was fair. I agree with the fact, that JetBrains Community has many IDEs. But the post is to mention the best IDEs available which fits the user’s needs regarding their used programming languages, not all IDEs from only one publisher or community. Thank you


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