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Best Email Clients for Linux

Email clients are the software that allows easier management of your email directly from your desktop, instead of opening a browser and logging into your account. In fact, email clients are more efficient in terms of faster response and usability. In Linux, you can easily get one of the most popular Linux clients and enjoy the easy management of your business or everyday deals.

Let’s take a look at the best email clients for your Linux distro.

It is one of the most popular email clients for everyone. Developed and maintained by Mozilla, Thunderbird offers the best possible experience one can ask for – for free!

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Some of the cool features of Thunderbird are –

  • Custom, personalized email address
  • One-click address book
  • Tabs and search
  • Web searching
  • Activity manager
  • Message archive
  • Automated updates

We’ve already discussed about backing up Thunderbird profile and enjoying Arc theme on Thunderbird.

This is a next-gen email client that’s developed using open web techs. The user interface is really modern and slick. There are 2 versions of Mailspring – Free and Pro. The free version is more than enough for everyday users. However, the Pro version targets only for professionals and/or business organizations.

Some of the core Mailspring features include –

  • Unified inbox – all the email from different email providers in one inbox
  • Enhanced contact management
  • Snooze, schedule emails
  • Improved privacy & security with PGP
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Translator buil-in

It’s a nice, open-source email client that’s primarily developed for GNOME project. However, it’s available in Flathub. That means, if your system has Flatpak installed, you can easily enjoy Geary, no need to follow any complex installation method.

Some features of Geary –

  • Easy integration with all the popular email providers
  • Nice integration with system

Note that as Geary is a part of the GNOME system, it’ll provide the best possible experience if your desktop is running GNOME desktop environment.

It’s another awesome email client from GNOME project. Evolution is much like Geary, except a few additional features and interface changes.

Core features of Evolution –

  • Contact management
  • Task management
  • Notes
  • Filter & folders
  • Plugins

For getting Evolution, you need to build it from source. Worry not; GNOME project explains installation of Evolution through Flatpak.

If you’re looking for an email client that’s lightweight and easy-to-use, Slypheed is just the email client for you. It’s REALLY simple in terms of usage and look. It’s best suited for users with minimal needs like new users and with minimal feature requirements.

Some cool features include –

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Pluggable
  • Well-organized, easy-to-understand config
  • Various protocol support
  • Security features like GPG, SSL/TLSv

There are lots of other email clients out there like the Claws Mail, KMail, Hiri (not free), and Mutt etc. Feel free to share your opinion and your favorite email client.

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