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Aquile Reader is a great ebook reader for Windows 10.

Hello! the omens came true. The coronavirus pandemic continues to strike. Therefore, many countries have resumed containment plans. As a result, long periods of time at home are being warned again. So a good plan is to read a good book. As romantic as it is to read physical books, the electronic option is very attractive. So today we will see how to read books from Windows 10. With this intention, we will use the epub format. This popular format can be managed using a reader software. Indeed, there are many options. However, today I present you Aquile Reader, a great ebook reader for Windows 10.

Aquile Reader is a great option to download and read public content ebook in Windows 10.

Why do we recommend this app? It’s because it’s free, well-designed, and intended for Windows 10. Therefore, it behaves very well with mouse and keyboard, as well as on touch screen. In addition, you have many customization options. Additionally, it features a modern and attractive user interface. But its most interesting feature is that it allows the download of ebooks directly from the app. In fact, the program has integrated up to six sources of free ebooks within its options. In fact, it is possible to freely download public domain ebooks. Of course, there are also paid elements. But actually, it is very attractive the option of thousands of free books is multiple languages. With the addition that you do not have to leave the app to enjoy them.

Downloading free books from Aquile Reader
Downloading free books from Aquile Reader

However, the app is not limited to downloads. Since it is possible to import the ebook library without DRM. For now, it only supports the epub format. However, its developers promise to support other formats soon.

Aquile Reader working
Aquile Reader working

Features of the app.

Besides the mentioned features, Aquile Reader has other interesting elements:

  • Various display styles, including two-column view
  • Support for notes, highlighting and markers In fact, it is possible to manage ebooks as if they were physical books.
  • Text-to-speech functions for reading books aloud.
  • The reader is highly customizable. That is, you can use multiple themes and colors, fonts and spacing.
  • Reading statistics.
  • Details of the books. For example, writings, word and line counts, reading progress, etc.
  • Collection view. It is possible to see all the notes, highlights and markers of all the books in one place.
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The program is new and still in development. However, it looks very good. Besides, it is intended for Windows 10 users. It should even be downloaded from Microsoft Store. Well, we have seen Aquile Reader, a great ebook reader for Windows 10. Until the next opportunity!

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