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Apache CouchDB 3.0 available

In this post, we will explain in detail the new features of Apache CouchDB 3.0.

A new version of this fabulous document-oriented database manager has recently been released. That is to say that it is a NoSQL database manager.

One of the main characteristics of this program is that it allows the partial replication of the data. Therefore, it is widely used in companies of the caliber of Apple, BBC, and others.

On the other hand, CouchDB bases its strength on the logical composition of the data. It forgets about SQL relationships and focuses on self-contained documents that are even closer to reality.

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All the above would not be possible if the engine was not prepared and it is developed in Earlang language optimized for these tasks.

To all this, the development of the application is very active and proof of this is the release of version 3.

We will keep an eye on it.

Apache CouchDB 3.0 features

There are many new features in this new version of Apache CouchDB, but the main ones are the following:

  • Default installations are now secure and locked down. This increases the security in the defect installations.
  • The default maximum document size has been reduced to 8MB. Documents that exceed this size will have problems replicating unless modifications are made.
  • CouchDB 3.0 now requires a server admin user to be defined at startup or will print an error message and exit.
  • All databases are now created by default as admin-only.

Also, note that some functions will be removed in the next version of Apache CouchDB. Some of them are:

  • Show functions (/{db}/{ddoc}/_show)
  • List functions (/{db}/{ddoc}/_list)
  • Virtual hosts and ini-file rewrites
  • Rewrite functions (/{db}/{ddoc}/_rewrite)

Also, other equally important features are:

  • Updated to modern JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey 60
  • Official support for ARM and PPC 32bit and 64bit systems
  • Many large and small performance improvements
  • Automatic view index warmer
  • Smarter Compaction Daemon

As we see, it’s a pretty important release and it’s a correct evolution of a great program.


Everyday programs have to move forward to incorporate improvements or simply improve what they already do. Apache CouchDB is proof that great software can evolve and become even better.

In this post, we have examined the most important news of this release, but there is much more.

If you want to know the rest of the news, you can check the release notes.

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