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All the tools to convert files are in this website

Hi, you already know us on osradar. You know, we want you to deepen your knowledge of Windows and Android. However, from time to time, we get some great new features to show you. Actually, what we aim to do is to simplify for you tasks that are ordinarily very tedious to do. Surely, you may have come across daily activities in your work or study. For example, signing documents, creating animated GIFs. In this regard, there are many possibilities: convert images, files, or PDF documents. There are certainly many online options for all of this. However, today we will show you an all-in-one solution. What amounts to a sort of Swiss Army Knife. See why All the tools to convert files are in this website.

TinyWow has all the tools to convert files.

TinyWow presents itself as a website with tools that solve your problems with files. Indeed, the site has utilities to deal with documents, videos, images, and even URLs and other things. In fact, you find 41 tools to do everything online and for free. Let’s stop for a moment in the PDF files section. Look what we can do with it:

  • Divide
  • Combine
  • Compress
  • Protect
  • Unlock
  • Sign
  • Convert
  • Extract images

And that’s just a small sample of what we can do. There are also many tools for images. In fact, we will be able to convert different formats such as HEIC, JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS, and even WebP to a different one. But not only that. There are also video editing utilities. Accordingly, it is possible to trim, mute, compress, resize, and convert videos. There is even a tool to download videos from Facebook.

But there are still many more options. For example, we can convert MP4 to GIF, and convert XML, JSON and CSV files. On the other hand, there is a miscellaneous section. On that site, there are tools as varied as a meme generator, a URL tracker that shows you all the redirects a link makes and a Lorem Ipsum text generator.


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It certainly all sounds great. But as usual in these sites, the most important thing is the privacy of our data. Let’s remember that to work, we must upload our files to the network. Therefore, privacy policy is a serious matter. The creators claim that all files are deleted after 15 minutes of processing. They also say that not only do they not sell your data to anyone, but they have no ads or monetization plans at the moment. Indeed, the site is ad-free. Although they do not rule out using it at some point in the future. However, the developers are keeping the platform afloat with profits from their other projects. Okay, we’ve explained why All the tools to convert files are in this website

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