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8 Best Screen Recording Software In 2022

Are you finding difficulties in screen recordings? Now you might think you need an advanced software or tech expert to get your work done, Right? But, let me tell you guys, you don’t need them. 

Even a few years back, video recordings and uploading them on social media platforms were pretty impossible. But now it is simple, and you don’t need to face any issues regarding this. Thanks to the advanced technology and the availability of some of the best screen recording software.

So, let’s take a quick look at the top 8 best recording software in 2022 and what features they have to make your screen recording seamless and outstanding.

1. Movavi Screen Recorder

If you are from an academic field and looking for the best screen recording software, this one should be your first choice. With the Movavi Screen Recorder, you can arrange meetings, lectures, or webinars. And do you know the best feature of it? It provides a spit screen recording option to record different streams simultaneously.

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Some other features are highlighting information and schedule recordings. Although you must know Movavi is not a good option for gamers. It needs some advanced settings to edit the video. 

It is available on Mac and Windows. And in the pro version, users will get the facilities like high-quality animation and licensing for the video suite. However, you can go with its free trial session, which offers some free editing tools.

2. Tiny Take

Your search ends at Tiny Take if you want a straightforward and user-friendly video recording software for your needs. It offers the features like capturing photos and videos and sharing them with family and friends. 

In the free version, it allows 5 minutes of video recording. While in the Jumbo plan, you will get the facility of screen recording for a long time as well as integrating them with YouTube. It is undoubtedly one of the best screen recorders for professional streamers, available on Mac and Windows.

3. Ace Thinker

Ace Thinker is one of the most famous desktop recorders that allow you to capture and save activities on computer screens. And an effective tool for both personal and professional purposes. You can use it for webinars, video chats, meetings, podcasts, video game play, and many more that come with high-quality video recordings.

With the AceThinker, you can easily convert and save recordings in formats like MP4, AVI, FLV, and GIF. Moreover, with the screenshot function, you can capture the computer screen and use it for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

And the bonus point? The Editing tool offers real-time editing and advanced editing options to make it look like professional work.

4. FlashBack

FlashBack is another easy-to-use screen recorder for tutorials and instructional videos. It is a powerful software available on Windows 7, 8, and 10, and you can export the screen recordings in AVI, MP4, and GIF formats.  

One of the best advantages of using Flashback is recording multiple screens at a time. And you can also share the recorded videos on YouTube after editing them with FlashBack.

Moreover, it comes with an automatic video recording option that users can customize to record the video in a schedule. After recording the video, you can add some editing suites like zoom in and out, highlights, transitions, and watermarks.

5. CleanShot X

CleanShot X is one of the most popular screen-capturing tools for macOS users. You can use this for capturing the screen without the presence of any desktop icons. Moreover, this software is a great option for trimming videos and recordings and saving screenshots to the clouds. 

Its advanced editing option helps you highlight or hide the specific parts of the screenshots, and you can even add some annotations if needed.

For its basic version, you need to pay $29.00 at a time. And it will offer you 1 GB of cloud storage and software updates for one year. 

6. OBS Studio

If you are searching for a good screen recorder with no charge, the OBS Studio should be on your list also. OBS, also known as Open Broadcaster Software, provides the live streaming option for professional streamers who use YouTube and Twitch daily. 

OBS is available on Windows, Mac, and Lunac and is an easy-to-use tool that offers a dual-monitor setup. Although you must know, OBS comes with little complex settings. And for that, you need some basic learning skills on how to perform recording, live streaming, encoding, and capturing. 

And if you are a gamer, this software will be a great option for you that offers the features such as customized watermarks, retroactive recording, customizable hotkeys, clip making, and so forth. 

7. Share X

Share X has been on the market for about 13 years and only supports Windows, as it uses the NET framework. In its screen recording, you can use color effects and custom watermarks, and can use text on the screenshots. 

Additionally, with Share X, it is easy to save the files in GIF format and directly share them on the sites like Google Photos, Twitter, and YouTube. 

In simple words, this is the best screen recording software that comes with hotkeys and can import music, videos, and photos. 

8. Camtasia

If you are into video editing and animations, you should not look further if you have Camtasia on your device. Yes, it is one of the best software for presentation and multimedia records, first introduced by TechSmith on the market. 

You can use Camtasia for the purposes like recording video games and PowerPoint presentations. Other features include uploading the files on Google Drive and YouTube and having audio editing settings like noise removal, volume labeling, and speed customizations. And this is also a beneficial screen recorder for an online course.

Wrapping up

Today, remote working is a new normal for many of us. And the incorporation of screen recording software is everywhere, whether it is arranging a meeting or creating a video tutorial. 

The screen recorders are user-friendly, budget-friendly, and also come with some useful features. Some come with the free trial option, and few are even free of cost. So, research properly, understand your needs, and select the best one.

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