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5 websites for drawing with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gradually become available to the public. Certainly, there are projects still closed to a few, such as Google’s Image Video or Google’s Parti. However, many others have opened up and allow us to perform wonders in a very simple way. Let’s take a look at the most outstanding tools you can find online right now. From there you can make drawings online in a very simple way with Artificial Intelligence. As we will see, each AI has a particular style. Therefore, it is difficult to say at first glance which one is better or worse. Next we will see 5 websites for drawing with artificial intelligence.


This artificial intelligence tool has a very simple interface. However, it is capable of doing wonders. It is called dream by Wombo and is available on the web. It also has an application for iOS and Android mobiles. To achieve great results with this tool, you first have to type in the object you would like to reproduce. You just need to enter the specific word and that’s it!

After that, choose the artistic style in which you want the final painting of your object. You have 11 to select from: Mystical, Dark Fantasy, Psychic, Pastel, HD, Vibrant, Fantasy Art, Steampunk, Ukiyoe, Synthwave or No Style. If you use the no style option, this artificial intelligence based tool draws the object you want in a simpler way.


This was the first tool in the Dall-E universe to reach everyone. DALL-E Mini is an AI based on the model provided by OpenAI. However, it was created from an open-source language model. The first thing is to access this tool through this link. It is a tool created by Hugging Face. DALL-E mini is an AI model that generates images from any indication you give it, they explain on the website itself.

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On this page, you can see that there is a bar where you can write. Also, the idea is to add terms as accurately as possible. On the other hand, the drawings it makes are still in the process of improvement. However, it can combine witty images through your texts, even if they are absurd.


This is a recent news item. In fact, it is less than a month old. And the thing is that the lovers of drawing and artificial intelligence are in a great mood. Therefore, the impressive DALL-E 2 is finally available for everyone.

You need to fill in a form including your email and password to create an account on the platform. Then you will have to access your email to verify the email address. You will then be asked to enter your phone number, where you will receive a code. Finally, you can start testing this software.

This AI not only stands out for creating images, but it is previously able to understand texts to know what we are asking it to do. In fact, you can describe the situation you want to draw even if it is very strange, and DALL-E 2 will do the job. Since June, this artificial intelligence is able to generate original human faces. Let’s remember that it was not allowed before to prevent the use of deepfakes.

Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion Online is a diffusion model capable of generating photorealistic images from any text input. It literally allows billions of people to create stunning art in a matter of seconds. In addition, it is based on the highly acclaimed Stable Diffusion tool, which is also useful for drawing. An example we have generated: An astronaut riding a horse in the desert, and we get this:

The model has a CreativeML Open RAIL-M license. The authors do not claim any rights on the results you generate. That is, you are free to use them, and you are responsible for their use. So the use against the law is forbidden. It is a tremendously simple website. Besides, the results are quite good.


Since July, one of the most incredible AIs is in open beta. Midjourney bets on creating a kind of canvases. In fact, an AI-generated work won an art contest. Incredibly, the judges didn’t know what Midjourney was. So controversial is this that online communities of artists are banning the publication of AI-generated images. It has also been used to make comics.

One of the advantages of Midjourney is that it can produce base images up to 1,792 x 1,024 pixels. Therefore, it makes slightly larger images and where the AI has more space to create. Of course: to access this Discord community, you need an invitation. However, the organization itself has extended this availability. So they are offering them for free to all interested parties.

When it comes to use, it is very simple, as in the rest of IAs. Simply type /imagine + a descriptive text. As a result, the bot will generate 4 images. Once the image is created, Midjourney will allow us to create variations and enlargements of each of them. Especially if we want a better defined image or a different one of the same idea.

A cool stuff… or scary?

The results can be both cool and scary. In fact, Robotoverloards is a TikTok user who currently has access to the MidJourney beta. This user wanted to step outside the box. So he opted for the phrase end of the world selfie. We must say that the experiment turned out to be simply terrifying. MidJourney began to generate terrifying images. Cities in flames, apparently affected by the devastating effect of some kind of attack with weapons of mass destruction. As well as disfigured faces whose deleterious effect makes it impossible to decipher the depth of facial expressions.

There are other images showing people photographing themselves with their backs to the planet Earth. It is certainly not clear where they are. MidJourney’s surreal imagination is quite peculiar. Robotoverloards also used AI to generate the last selfie ever taken in the apocalypse.

Very well, this way we have reached the end of our list. We have seen 5 websites for drawing with artificial intelligence. Bye!

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