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3 Methods To Fix SD Card Not Showing Up In Windows

It’s fundamental human nature to want to fix things, especially if they are extremely important to us. There are those moments when you are so lost in thought trying to figure out what ails your device or why it’s not working. An excellent example, in this case, would be an SD card. 

Now, have you ever found yourself in a situation where your SD card is not showing up on your windows? If not, you are one of the lucky ones yet, but it might probably happen in the future, so read on and find out what might be the possible cause for this and ways in which you can fix the problem.

Situations That Can Lead To SD Card Not Showing

Several things can lead to an SD card not being picked up on windows. Before you fret, remove write protection on SD card and check other issues you can resolve. The following are possible causes of the same.

1.     Physical Damage On The SD Card

Even the most secured quality SD cards can get compromised or damaged by the factors such as 

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falling, moisture and liquids spill, cracking, which can affect what is stored on the SD card.

2.     Faulty Connections

If you never considered faulty connections as a thing, you will probably be surprised how many times you thought your SD card wasn’t working due to bad alignment. Whether using a CF card or SD card, the faulty connection will always be a big challenge, especially if you have worn out parts of either input unit.

3.     Faulty Card Readers

Outdated, worn out, or even damaged card readers can be a bit off for the unreadable state of SD cards on your windows.

4.     File Formats That Can’t Be Supported

File formats can prove to be a problem, especially when switching one working device for another hence can lead to unsupported formats that make SD cards unreadable.

5.     Virus Corruption

Virus corruption can result from transferred or downloaded files that are corrupted during the process of moving them from one device to the SD card or from the internet. This virus attack can make it impossible for an SD card being readable.

Remedies To SD Card That Cannot Show Up

There are several possible solutions to fix, restore and even restore the SD card to better health. This includes but is not limited to the three methods below:

Switch The SD Card To Another Card Reader Or Device

To rule out the possibility of a faulty SD card. To do this you will require a new or different kind of card reader from what you were using. After swapping the SD card, connect it to your PC and see if it picks up. 

Use Data Recovery Software

When all solutions fail, you may want to consider data recovery software to help minimize further loss of data. With the help of Disk Drill developed by CleverFiles, you will be able to make a safe SD card recovery and back up your files for later use. To use the Disk Drill recovery software, you can follow through the following steps:

  • Get Disk Drill developed by CleverFiles from the official website, download, and install.
  • Get your SD card connected to your PC with the aid of the card reader.
  • Search for lost data by clicking on the SD card and selecting all recovery options on Disk Drill.
  • Allow Disk Drill to do a complete scan of your device. This will take some time, but the process will be thorough.
  • Look for the files you need recovered and click on the recover button once the scanning has been completed and you have done a preview.
  • Select the recovery destination and initiate the process of data recovery. You should not do the storage on the device that had been compromised.

Disk Drill developed by CleverFiles does more than the standard recovery software. You can use it for SD card recovery, compact flash data recovery, plus more. It also recovers a wide range of file formats and storage devices and can be found in both free and paid-for versions.

Use The CHKDSK For SD Card Repairs

You can also get errors in your file system fixed by using the CHKDSK tool. With the assistance of this tool, you can have your corrupted SD card repaired and be readable on windows. All you need is to follow the guide below:

  • Press both the windows and x( windows + x)
  • Look for the Admin or the windows power shell
  • Feed the following command and press enter( CHKDSK x), of which x could be any letter assigned to your SD card.
  • Wait for as long as it takes for CHKDSK to complete the process.
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