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13 royalty free video download sites

We bring you a list of pages with free stock videos that you can use in your projects. They are websites that offer all kinds of videos in high resolution and even 4K. In addition, you will be able to download without spending any money. There are several types of sites. From those that are paid but with part of the content free to others that offer everything for free. There are also some sites of content creators that offer their work for free. In some cases you will need to mark author attribution, but in others not even that. Let’s take a look at some royalty free video download sites.


Clipstill is not a conventional video site. In fact, it is dedicated to cinemagraphs. These are compositions containing a still photo with a small animation that repeats throughout. We are talking about something like a GIF but based on a high quality photo.

These cinemagraphs are downloaded in video format. They are certainly very eye-catching. The downside is that very few of them are free. In fact, most of them are paid premium content.


It is a stock video platform. Offering both free and paid videos. It has a small limit. Indeed, most of the free ones you can only download in FullHD quality. If you want 4K quality, you will have to pay their monthly subscription.

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The videos on this page use the Creative Commons 1.0 license. Therefore, it makes them public domain for you to do with them what you want. The website has a search engine, as well as categories to view all the video collections or focus only on the free ones.


This is a website specialized in high resolution videos, both in HD and 4K. One of its great qualities is that the videos are hand-picked. In this way, the website tries to ensure that it always offers the best quality content possible.

The negative part is the amount of content. In fact, it only has a total of 178 videos, although all of them are in the highest quality. As for permissions, you will be able to use them wherever you want. That is, both for personal use and for commercial and educational use. All completely free.


A site that offers high quality content for creators. It also has a section of free items, including videos. When it comes to finding content, you can use the trending sections or the search. Therefore, you can specify that what you want to find is free.


This is a very popular platform for stock content to use in your projects. It also has a section with high quality videos. Additionally, it is content that can be used for commercial content. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything.

The good news is that you will have a large collection of free videos to download whenever you want. However, the bad news is that there are many other videos that are reserved for paid users.

Ignite Motion

A platform to download small free and royalty-free videos. Actually, they are not exactly stock videos. They are small clips intended to be used as animated wallpapers. However, it is possible that some of them could be useful for your project.

Life of Vids

It provides free and stock videos, clips and loops that will be especially good for marketing videos. The catalog of the website is not too big, but all the ones they have are of great quality.

All the videos are in MP4 format and HD quality, and they are organized in thematic collections, so you can see the alternatives for a concept you are looking for. Their catalog is renewed periodically.


A page where you will find hand-selected stock videos. Also, all free and maintaining the quality of those who have made the choices. It has some pretty interesting content, such as time-lapse or slow motion effects.

The content of this portal is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. Therefore, when you create materials with any video, you will have to cite the author. But this is the only condition, and you can get the videos for free for all your projects.

Motion Array

A platform full of stock content to use in any project, as well as templates for various applications and music. Paid users will be able to access all the content on the platform. However, they also offer the possibility to register for free to access hundreds of free videos.

Motion Elements

This platform offers you royalty-free videos, music and video templates, so you can use them in any project. You have a free stock section to access video banks that have no cost. However, if you want all the content, you can also get it with a subscription.

Some of its positive parts are that it has high quality images, and content that reaches 4K. All videos are organized into categories, and when you access one, you can see those that are similar.


Possibly one of the best pages to find all kinds of free videos, animations, videos with transparent background, textures, 3D scans, everything. The downside is that the free and paid content is mixed, so it’s a bit confusing to find it.


Pexels is one of the most popular royalty-free photo and video sites you will find. All their videos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero. Therefore, you can use them for free, even for commercial purposes. This is perfect for any kind of project.

The site is very easy to use, and you just have to click on the videos tab and use their search engine to find what you need. They also offer suggestions for trending topics. The videos you find can be downloaded in different sizes. If you create an account, you can use their options to create collections or give you like the videos.


A page that has an incredible collection of free stock videos, among which you will find virtually any topic you need. You can find the content with the search engine or by browsing through its categories. In each video, you will see the necessary usage and attribution information.

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