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You can now install YouTube as a PWA on Windows 10

Hi! Obviously YouTube is one of the most used platforms nowadays. In fact, millions of users access it to watch and upload videos. YouTube has an official client exclusively for touch screen users. However, this is not possible on desktop. For this reason, these users had no viable option until now. Stay with us to see how you can install YouTube as a PWA on Windows 10.

YouTube in Windows 10?

Lately, Google has prepared the YouTube website to allow the creation of a PWA. This feature is available for both Chrome OS and Windows 10. Moreover, PWAs are a type of progressive web applications. Essentially, they look like a shortcut to the web. However, when you open it, it displays an isolated page within a window. In addition, it can be managed like any other Windows program. The developers have created a very complete and efficient progressive web application. Therefore, we are talking about a small and fast network, in the form of a shortcut. This makes it possible to place it anywhere on the desktop. It is even possible to watch videos offline thanks to the cache saved by the program. Finally, it is possible to install this PWA from Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge.

How to install YouTube PWA on Windows 10

Google is gradually rolling out this feature to users. To find out if you can do this, first go to the YouTube website. Then, check if there is a + icon on the right side of the navigation bar. By clicking on this icon, a window will pop up asking if we want to install the YouTube app on the computer. If the icon does not appear, you must wait until it is available.

Installing the YouTube app
Installing the YouTube app

After a few seconds, you will see the shortcut on the desktop. The advantage is that it can be moved freely. Therefore, you can pin it to the taskbar, or even add it to the Windows 10 Start menu. Clicking on it opens the platform in its own isolated window. Also, with the same functions and features of the website.

YouTube PWA running on Windows 10
YouTube PWA running on Windows 10
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The most interesting thing is that these apps are managed like any other program. So if you don’t want to use it anymore, just go to the control panel. From there you can uninstall it as another program. Okay, this way we saw how you can install YouTube as a PWA in Windows 10. Bye!

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