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WordPress 5.5 released

WordPress 5.5 is here. The content management system allows the creation and maintenance of blogs and websites. So, WordPress announces the release of its version 5.5 with major updates full of new features and improvements.

The new version of WordPress 5.5 not only comes with improvements in the block editor but also allows you to edit images online. With an improved preview and much more.

The latest version of WordPress 5.5 called “Eckstine”. Named after American jazz and pop singer Billy Eckstine. In this post, we’ll tell you about the new features it includes.

What’s New in WordPress 5.5

WordPress pages and publications can now enjoy deferred loading. This new feature is great news for readers. Before the images are shown they must wait to load, improving the experience for the readers. The load differed helps mobile phones prevent browsers from loading large files to other devices. Which saves battery and data usage.

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The latest version of WordPress includes the XML sitemap by default, helping search engines to discover your content. Similarly, there are many WordPress add-ons that perform the same function. But with the CMS helping the search engines to record orderly data and information related to the search.

WordPress 5.5 includes full automatic updating of themes. In the WordPress administrator, in the add-on and theme settings that automatically update. Also, the option to turn on and off automatic updates, in each complement or theme at any time.

Better the block editor, WordPress version 5.5 introduces a new design to the writing environment. It is based on blocks, so it is called the block editor (also known as Gutenberg). Since the addition of the block editor, every version of WordPress has improved it and version 5.5 is no exception.

Significant changes are made to the user interface, locking patterns and new locking directions. The block patterns are quite useful at the routine moments of each element in your pages and publications. The patterns, when adding a new block, prepared and configured for common use. These patterns help in the quick configuration of the page layout.

The block address contains the WordPress Plugin with which you can add new blocks to the editor. The easiest way to use the block manager is to add a new block when you select “add block“. Just use the search engine above and type in a feature or type of block you want to use. On the other hand, if no matching block is present, the search engine will show similar results.

With WordPress 5.5 users can edit the images, but with this release, it is now possible to do it in the editor itself. You don’t need to open the image in the media library, to rotate, resize, and crop (and so on). In the same way, see the results immediately, in relation to the rest of the content.

However, this new function is not available for all images (at the moment). This feature is mainly for blocking standard images.

When writing a post or a page, the blocking editor gives users a very good idea of what the page will look like. However, the preview is fundamental to obtain a more secure visualization of the content before publishing (or updating). It also includes a preview for devices, which allows us to have a view of the content in desktop, tablet, or mobile screen size.

In this way, they ensure that the content is more accessible and readable for everyone who visits the blog or page. This is a great novelty, due to the fact that mobile traffic has grown a lot over the years.


The new updates to WordPress seek to improve performance and provide greater comfort when writing a post or a page. It includes image editing from the main editor, making it easier for users to preview on different devices.

Allows data and battery savings with deferred charging, with a new design in the writing environment. With notable changes of the interface to users, with search engines helped by the XML sitemap.

This version offers great updates from speed, search, security, accessibility. No wonder WordPress currently dominates 30% of the web.

More info: WordPress 5.5 release notes

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