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Winstall: How to use a graphical interface with Winget.

Hi! In a previous post, we talked about the Windows Package Manager. In fact, this new tool also called Winget, is an interesting option to install programs. Despite being in a preliminary state, its operation is smooth and stable. Also, despite being new, the catalog of available programs is very extensive. On the other hand, the installation method reminds of the Linux system, since it is necessary to use the terminal. However, Microsoft did not include a graphical user interface with the program. For that reason, some users may feel somewhat uncomfortable. However, independent developer Mehedi Hassan decided to solve this problem. And the result is Winstall, a web app that allows us to install apps in Windows 10 in batch. Also, in a fast and easy way. In other words, Winstall allows you to use a graphical interface with Winget.

Winstall: Winget’s unofficial graphical user interface

If, as we mentioned, Winstall fills the gap left by Microsoft by not incorporating GUI into Winget. This package manager offers a very pleasant experience when installing programs. However, the fact of using only commands can make some users feel intimidated. Well, the latest version of Winstall incorporates its own API, in addition to other important improvements. For example, dedicated pages for each application, search for applications by tag, developer, or latest update date. Also, it incorporates icons and the selection of multiple versions of the same app. And everything is managed from the web.

What is the utility of Winstall?

If you’re not familiar with Winget and Winstall, then you might ask yourself this question. Surely, you would think that installing an app is as easy as clicking on it. In short, this app saves you these clicks. Also, it avoids having to go to every website to find the programs. In addition, the apps are downloaded from their official sites. Therefore, there is no danger of downloading viruses or Trojans. On the other hand, it is necessary to have Winget installed, as we show you here. As we saw, in order to install a program, it is necessary to run a command in the terminal. What Winstall does is show the programs and automatically generate a script. Then, you just have to copy this command into a CMD or PowerShell. In addition, it is possible to select several apps at the same time.

Script ready to install Spotify, Zoom and Dropbox at the same time
Script generated ready to install Spotify, Zoom and Dropbox at the same time

Another way to use Winstall is to generate a .bat file. Once the app selection is done, click on the Download .bat option. Please ignore any warning signals from the browser, as the file is safe. Then, double-click on it and it will start the installation of the apps.

Download the .bat file to install the apps with winget
Download the .bat file to install the apps with winget


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As noted, Winstall allows the use of a graphical interface with Winget. Now if you have no excuse to use this great package manager. From time to time, Microsoft surprises us with good innovations like this. Hopefully, over time, it will be polished up. But at the moment it looks very good. See you later!

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