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Windows Defender failure threatens computer security

Hello! An attractive feature of Windows 10 is that it incorporates its own antivirus engine. Indeed, previously known as Microsoft Defender, it protects the system by default. Well, this software has generally been criticized as being very good. In fact, we personally use it in a domestic environment. Since it is very light and does its job. For this reason, it is very popular and the bet of many users. However, it has recently suffered a serious failure. This puts Windows 10 at risk. Furthermore, it is ironic that the threat happens in the antivirus. It’s a massive failure, so it’s serious. Read on to find out how a Windows Defender failure threatens computer security.

Windows Defender has a vulnerability that threatens the computer security.

A few hours ago Microsoft launched an emergency update for its antivirus. This update attempts to fix a zero-day security flaw in the engine. In effect, this flaw was threatening the security of users. These bugs are not usually discovered by the Microsoft team. In fact, they are often noticed by hackers and then sold to others to encourage attacks. This leaves Redmon’s company in a bad way.

This new security flaw was registered as CVE-2021-1647. Specifically, it is located in the Malware Protection Engine component of the system. An attacker can use the program to execute malicious code on a PC with Windows Defender. That is, on many computers connected to the network. So the threat is global in scope. Read on to find the solution to the problem.

Run to update Windows Defender!

Microsoft has already solved this problem. In fact, the update has come in the background to most users. As long as they have the system updated. The company has reported that the error was found in version 1.1.17600.5 of the antivirus engine. Therefore, with the update 1.1.17700.4, the security problem has disappeared. It is therefore necessary to check the version of the engine installed. With this in mind enter the About section in Windows Defender.

Checking the version of the antivirus engine
Checking the version of the antivirus engine
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A proof of concept to exploit this vulnerability is already circulating on the network. Massive attacks against this flaw are to be expected. It is therefore important to install this new version. This engine is usually updated once a month. However, Microsoft reserves the option to release emergency updates. For example, in cases like the current threat. The databases are normally updated 3 times a day.

Install the security patches.

Microsoft today released the first security patches for 2021. These patches correct many errors and vulnerabilities. Which will be available from Windows Update. Please note that 2021 will be a risky year in terms of safety. Therefore, we recommend common sense. In addition, you must have the system always updated. Additionally, to the installed programs. In short, the year is not off to a good start for Windows security. Since these vulnerabilities often harm many users. On the other hand, these errors affect people’s confidence. So now you know: Windows Defender failure threatens computer security! Please take appropriate action. All right, that’s it for now. Please take care of the security of your system. Stay tuned for more updates on Windows 10. We will be looking into security and how to improve it. Bye!

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