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Windows 10 security is under threat again

Hello! Since Windows 10 was released, many security flaws have been reported. Microsoft certainly takes this problem seriously. Therefore, they have made efforts to improve these issues. However, the inconveniences just keep on coming. It is well known that Windows 11 is about to drop. However, some situations continue to compromise the security of the system. Previously, we reported that using a Razer-branded mouse seriously compromised system security. Well, apparently this is happening again with peripherals manufactured by SteelSeries. See how Windows 10 security is under threat again.

Peripheral threatens Windows 10 security once again

The problem affected mice manufactured by Razer. Indeed, when connected, it was possible to obtain administrator privileges. This poses a serious security threat. It seems that this situation is repeated with SteelSeries peripherals. Indeed, another vulnerability has been discovered. This time when connecting a headset, a mouse, and keyboards of that brand. It has been reported that the problem lies in the proprietary software of the hardware. It grants itself administrator privileges. Moreover, without requesting permission.

Seen in this light, it seems that the problem is caused by the manufacturers. However, the problem seems to lie in the system itself. Windows apparently cannot distinguish between hardware drivers and peripheral software. This is potentially serious. Since hardware drivers do not need administrator permissions to install. In contrast, peripheral software generally does require these permissions.

SteelSeries takes the floor.

SteelSeries has already commented on the matter. Indeed, they have already detected the problem. Consequently, they have stopped the release of the SteelSeries installer. It is activated when a new device is connected. The company claims that this eliminates the possibility of an exploit. On the other hand, an update is expected to correct this problem. As we see, Windows 10 security is under threat again. It seems unbelievable that these problems keep happening. And with such frequency. Therefore, we recommend common sense. It is hoped that Microsoft can continue to minimize these threats. In the meantime, we can only wait. See you!

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