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Window contributors! How to belong to the Windows Insider program

In the previous post we talked about the Windows Insider program. Also about the positive and negative aspects of being an Insider. As we said, the soul of this program is the community of users. They are in charge of testing the beta versions of the updates.

Insiders report errors they find in the Windows Insider program. They also give their opinions. Specifically, the community verifies the features tested during the betas. Therefore, users contribute to the development of new features. The builds are called Insider Previews.

In fact, being part of Windows Insider is very simple. Want to help improve Windows 10? Then follow these steps to belong to the Windows Insider program.

Being an Insider: how to be part of the Windows Insider program?

To be a Windows Insider, we must first go to “Settings”. The “Settings” button is on the start menu. There we click on “Updates and Security”. In this section you can manage the updates.

The “configuration” window. Here you can find the “updates and security” option
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Then select the “Windows Insiders Programme” option towards the end of the left sidebar. The “Get Started” button is under the Windows Insiders presentation. We will click on it.

Managing the Windows Insiders Programme

Afterwards, a dialog box will appear on the screen. The window will ask you to link your outlook or hotmail account. So then, with this account you enter Windows Insiders. Consequently, you select the account you will use and configure it as necessary.

Configuration the outlook or hotmail account to log in to Windows Insider.
Selecting the type of account to use to login to Windows Insider

After setting up the account, you can choose the ring you want to receive updates from. Three options will be presented:

  • Slow ring: This is the recommended ring. In addition, in this one you will receive less periodic updates. However, there is less risk.
  • Fast ring: In this ring you will receive more periodic updates. Additionally, you can preview first hand what’s new. However, there is a higher risk.
  • Release Preview: Here you receive the versions previous to the official release. This is the ring that receives less updates. But, It is also the most stable.
Configuration of the ring types to receive updates

In concluding, Windows presents the program agreement and the privacy statement. Here they tell us how Windows will collect our data to recognize errors. We will press “Confirm”.

Presentation of the program agreement and the privacy statement

Finally, Windows thanks us for participating in the Windows Insider program. Consequently, it gives us the option to reboot the computer at the moment or later. After rebooting, we will start receiving updates. This way, we will officially be a Windows Insider.

Windows appreciates the participation in the program and gives options to restart the computer


After rebooting you can enter the Windows Insider Program option again. Here you can choose to stop receiving updates to stop belonging to the program. You can also change the type of updates you want to receive. This starts the adventure of being a member of the Windows Insider Program. This way, we will officially be a Windows Insider.

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