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Which MMO and RPG games should you play with friends or alone

The gaming industry offers a plethora of projects that can offer interesting and thoughtful gameplay for solo players and groups of friends who have to immerse themselves in the storyline and succeed through their characters.

Players can choose from projects in a variety of genres that combine three factors – cooperative development, active gameplay and constant rivalry with other players.

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Diablo 4

A project from the Blizzard company, which is a direct and ideological continuation of the cult second part, where the player stopped a full-fledged invasion of demons led by Diablo and his brother Baal.

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The fourth part came out as an ideological continuation, where players will again be able to play the game in co-op and complete a series of acts in order to understand the main plot and move to higher levels of difficulty, approaching the end game, where there will be the most interesting and adventurous gameplay with a high resistance rate and a chance to get the most valuable holy and legendary equipment.

Groups of players go through all the acts several times due to the fact that Diablo always offers the concept of challenges to gamers. Constant challenges that you need to go through shoulder to shoulder with friends, dress up and power up together and reach new frontiers, smoothly moving towards the endgame. The higher the difficulty level, the more resistances and immunities your enemies have, and the more accurate and coordinated your group should act.

The more friends and acquaintances you find in your group, the more content will be available to you, including massive PVP and battles with world bosses for which there is always fierce competition.

Apex Legends

One of the best and most interesting shooters in the battle royale genre, which was inspired by the already iconic PUBG, but with more emphasis on the dynamics of the battle and the system of agents to the extent that developers from EA Games see it.

Ranked Matches

Apex offers the concept of Ranked Matches that determine your level of play and give games more of a challenge effect that rewards players for their efforts.

You have to land on the game map, where besides you there will be at least 25 more people and everyone will have the same task – to survive and destroy their competitors.

Weapons, armor elements, accessories for weapons, cartridges and first aid kits must be found on your own, exploring the game map.

If you play not alone, but with friends, then you will confront other players in similar battle groups and the gameplay will be more interesting and opens up access to larger battles and tactics

Depending on how your progress in the match will be, your rating and promotion, or reduction in the division system will be determined. A number of factors influence this:

  • Victory, or high survival duration on the battlefield.
  • The number of enemies killed.
  • Destruction of entire teams.
  • Being in the combat zone.
  • The time spent on the game map, even without the participation of combat clashes.

It’s not a problem if the system sends you to the very bottom of the standings – if you have regular victories and advance to high positions, they will immediately raise you to a well-deserved rating and division.

The best characters to play together

Do not forget that Apex is a multiplayer game based on active characters with common shooting mechanics and unique skills.


A character with defensive skills and drone control skills, to which you can delegate part of your actions without losing gameplay.

For example, if all characters use their character to raise a fallen ally and cannot fight defensively, then Lifelane can order the drone to help the ally, while she herself engages in combat and shooting.

The agent can also generate first aid kits, removing the burden of finding them from the team.


Protected robot, the only one with the skill of natural regeneration while not in combat.

This means that one of the players on your team can absorb a lot of damage and then recover between battles. The main thing is not to overdo it with damage absorption so that you do not have to be picked up by allies.

Destiny 2

Whether you’re playing with 3 or 4 players, Destiny 2 is the perfect project that combines shooter, adventure, space exploration and lots of mechanics for small groups to play together.

The main concept of Destiny 2 is to have three main classes for the game, and by choosing each role, you can fully farm all the main locations and raids, where the speed and efficiency will depend solely on your equipment, but this is fixable.


The first and most convenient format for a three-player game is the strike system, which allows you to carry out interesting sweeps of territories crowded with monsters and bosses for rewards.

You have to go into the combat zone, which will be overflowing with monsters, and clean it up.

Try not to aggro all the enemies at once, otherwise you may simply not have enough resources to destroy them.

When you overcome all the enemies, then enter the battle with the boss – the head of the dungeon. Eliminate the rest of the retinue immediately, as the boss can use unpleasant skills and attacks, and the additional burden of monsters can lead to the failure of the entire raid.


This is a more advanced mechanic designed for a large number of players, but you can still play them with your small group, but the effort will need to be put much more than a standard group.

Basic, Heroic and Mythic raids are waiting for you with a drastic difference in the difficulty, strength and health of the boss, the frequency of his use of his basic skills and the attack and defense capabilities that his retinue will have.

Trial of Osiris

An interesting format of battles between small groups of players, where the best squads will claim to receive legendary seasonal weapons or armor.

The list of trophies given out per season is not limited – it is only important to score victories in a row to get them.

You will fight against small groups of players in the arena, where the winner will receive a special token to get seasonal weapons you need to win matches in a row and achieve the final 7th victory in order to get the legendary weapon, which will greatly simplify the gameplay for future battles.

The rounds are played quickly, so don’t be discouraged by defeats and try again until your skills, tactics and techniques lead you to the notorious trophies.

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