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What is the MSRT tool in Windows 10?

Microsoft has been working to strengthen security. For this reason, it has incorporated different measures for this purpose. Such as MSRT, an antimalware program available for several versions of Windows. This program serves to eliminate some threats. It is well known that Windows Defender is the established security suite for Windows systems. Well, Microsoft offers an additional barrier to reinforce the protection of the system. We are talking about Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. So today we will see what is the MSRT tool in Windows 10.

What is the MSRT tool in Windows 10 and how to use it to remove potential threats?

It is good to clarify that this tool is not an antivirus itself. It is a tool designed to track and eliminate malware on the computer. Therefore, it is a great complement to Defender or another antivirus. Therefore, it is a great complement to Defender or another antivirus. Moreover, this anti-malware has been available since 2005. Likewise, it can be used with different versions of Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Installation is very simple. You only need to download it for free from here. Once installed, it will start scanning the system for threats. The wizard offers 3 types of scanning: quick, full, and customized.

Selecting the scan type

Once the mode is selected, the system scan will start. Depending on the type chosen, it may take a long time.

MSRT scanning the system for possible threats.

After a while, you will see the final result of the analysis.

MSRT analysis results
MSRT analysis results
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Microsoft updates MSRT once a month. Specifically, on the second Tuesday of each month with the Windows security patch. The update integrates the main threats that have been detected during the previous month. In addition to instructions on how to remove the malicious software from the computer. This is its best feature. Since it is constantly updated, it improves its ability to respond to threats. Consequently, the computer will be more protected. However, it is not a definitive solution. It does not detect all existing attacks. But it is still an excellent complement to the antivirus. So it is advisable to use it regularly to discard possible infections in the computer.


Finally, we have seen what the MSRT tool is in Windows 10. It is a great way to clean the computer from viruses, Trojans, and spyware. On the other hand, it includes 3 modes of operation. You can start a full scan that will scan the entire system for threats. This is the most effective but can take hours. Or do a quick and superficial scan to rule out threats. You can even scan a recently downloaded folder or file. Which is the custom scan. Bye!

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