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VirtualBox Alternatives for Linux

In your lifetime, unless you’re a super easy-to-go lady/gentleman, you obviously heard the name of VirtualBox, right? It’s one of the most popular software that’s both amazing and serves perfectly. Just like the name suggests, it’s a virtualization software that’s both free and open-source with a huge community backing it up. You can use VirtualBox to check out newer Linux distros or a different distro, even try out the Windows system if you need.

However, there’re more software than VirtualBox for getting the job done. Here are some of the best alternatives for VirtualBox that you can enjoy right now!

  • VMware Workstation Player

If you’re looking for something as powerful as VirtualBox, then VMware is one of the best choices you can make. VMware Workstation Player provides everything you need to run a virtual operating system right from your desktop.

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With enough hardware resource, you can run almost ALL the operating systems in the world! There are 2 different versions of the Workstation Player – Workstation Player and Workstation Player Pro. “Pro” is the paid version that offers some advanced features like running multiple VMs at once, taking VM snapshot, create and manage encrypt VMs etc. However, the normal one fulfills all the basic features that general users will need to check out new systems.

Get VMware Workstation Player.

  • GNOME Boxes

GNOME is a big software family that contains almost all the essential software, including this cool virtualization tool! Yes, GNOME Boxes is a great virtualization software that you can enjoy for free.

If you prefer something really simplistic like VirtualBox, then GNOME Boxes is your right choice. In fact, it’s even easier than the legendary VirtualBox! Keeping simplicity in mind, GNOME Boxes arranged everything in a way that you won’t have any confusion on what you’re doing. Featuring all the necessary virtualization features and hardware support, this software will become one of your favorites pretty easily.

Check out GNOME Boxes!

  • QEMU

Another really popular choice for virtualization. It’s a very simple yet powerful one, just like VirtualBox. It’s also completely free and open-source.

QEMU is able to virtualize any system on any hardware provided that the platform is supported by the program. The tool allows very fast performance on the guest OS, nearly the performance of the native OS. Get QEMU.

  • Virtual Machine Manager

Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) is basically a command line tool for performing virtualization on a system.  Don’t worry as it also provides an elegant, simple and powerful GUI to perform all the tasks for a general user. The primary targets of virt-manager are the KVM VMs. However, it’s able to handle Xen and LXC pretty easily. Get virt-manager.

Hope you liked the tools. There are also other software to perform the jobs. Feel free to share your thoughts.


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