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Using online scanner.

Maintaining security when surfing the Internet is a must. Indeed, There are many threats on the net. Therefore, we must always detect viruses, Trojans and any malware that may threaten our privacy and security. In this post, we are going to talk about checking your system for viruses with an online scanner. Therefore, there is no need to install anything. Stay reading to learn about the best online scanner.

Why use an online scanner?

We usually use antivirus software that we install on the computer. Windows also has its security suite, Windows Defender. It does a program, like any other, that allows to analyze the system and to look for possible threats. It is a program like any other, which allows analyzing the system and to look for possible threats.

However, we have the alternative of using an online virus scanner. Basically, it is a service that we can use without having to install anything and that will also help us to detect possible threats. Its mission is to analyze the computer, such as a Windows computer, and detect threats that need to be eliminated.

The positive thing about this option is that we will not have to install anything. You only have to enter the page of this online antivirus and start the scanning process. It is very useful if you do not have antivirus installed, and you need to scan the system because you suspect it may be infected. Moreover, if you are using someone else’s computer or a public computer, and you want to make sure there are no security problems.

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They can even serve as a complement to other security programs you have installed. If you are uncertain whether your antivirus is working properly or has missed a threat, it is one more option you will have available to make sure your system is protected. In addition, these tools are usually free of charge.

Online Antivirus

We are going to show you some online security scanners. They are free services that you can use from the Chrome browser, Firefox or whatever you have installed. You will be able to scan your system for threats. They are certainly very useful tools. However, they should not be a substitute for the traditional antivirus that we install and that are more complete.


It is totally free and elementary to use. You have to go to their website and there you will see different options. One of them is One-time scan. That performs a scan on your computer to detect possible security threats that may be present.

Once you click on the button you have to fill in some data and download a file to the system, which will allow you to analyze the computer. It is very useful for a punctual analysis, to be able to eliminate malware in a fast way. It focuses only on those files and folders where it is more likely that there are viruses.

Keep in mind that it is fully compatible with other security programs you have installed. Therefore, there will not be any conflict at the software level. Besides, you will be able to use it without problems on Windows even if you already have some program installed.


F-Secure online antivirus is another alternative that you can use for free. It works similarly to the previous one, and you also need to download a file from its website. From there, it will start scanning the system quickly to detect possible malicious files that may be present.

One of the most interesting plus points is that it is very fast. Although it focuses only on files and folders where there may be more viruses, this makes the process finish quickly. It is effortless to use, and should be noted that there is no problem with having another security program installed. It is perfect for a quick scan and to be able to increase the guarantees that your computer is virus free.

Trend Micro

Trend Micro has the HouseCall tool, which is an online antivirus that allows you to scan your system for threats. You can use it through its website. From there, you will have to select the version of the operating system and download a small file to be able to run it.

From there, it will perform an analysis on the computer to detect possible security threats that may exist. You can select the type of analysis to make it simpler and faster or more complete. No problems of conflicts are with other security programs you may have installed.


Another option for analyzing online security is VirusTotal. In this case, it is a different tool from the previous ones, as it allows you to scan a specific file or URL that may be dangerous. It is straightforward to use, and you will not need to install or download anything on your computer.

To use it, you have to enter its web page. There you will see different options to analyze a specific file, a URL, or even search for a domain or IP to see if it can be a danger. Not only does it can tell if a file, such as an image, is a virus; it will also indicate if an address may be fake and be Phishing.

Therefore, VirusTotal is a very intriguing complement to a conventional antivirus and also to the online virus scanners that we have seen previously. It works very well, is simple and offers additional information to detect viruses in files or through fraudulent links. In this way we have seen how an online scanner. Bye!

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