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Trizen – Another AUR Helper

Are you an Arch Linux user? Then you definitely have taken the service of the AUR repository. It’s an amazing place where you can get a number of additional tools and software for the Arch Linux that are not present in the default Arch Linux repository.

Well, working with the AUR repository is nothing difficult but requires a little bit of additional work. For making things easier, we got the AUR helpers like Yaourt and Pacaur etc. Today, we’ll be having a look at the Trizen – another powerful and simple AUR helper.

Getting Trizen

Like all the AUR packages, Trizen is also hosted on the AUR repository. There are 2 ways of getting Trizen ready in your system – using an AUR helper or building it by ourselves.

Let’s get started.

  • Using AUR helper

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Depending on what AUR helper you’re currently using, run the following command –

# Using yaourt

sudo yaourt -S trizen

# Using Pacaur

pacaur -S trizen

  • Installing from source

This is the classical installation method of any AUR package.

At first, get “git” client ready –

sudo pacman -S git

Next, grab the code from AUR repository –

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/trizen.git

Next, start the building and installation process –

makepkg -si

Using Trizen

Run the following command –


This will show all the available options you can enjoy with Trizen.

The basic usage of Trizen includes –

  • Installing a package from AUR
trizen -S <package_name>

  • Uninstalling a package

trizen -R <package_name>

  • Viewing AUR comments for a package
trizen -C <package_name>
  • Silent installation
trizen -Sq <package_name>
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