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Translate your texts in Linux using Crow Translate

Many times we miss many that Linux does not have the same amount of applications as Windows or MacOS. Recently, thanks to Electron, we find more and more cross-platform applications like Atom, just to mention one. However, there are also other applications not so complex but that provide variety and solutions to the Linux environment. And in this sense, they replace the always having to use the web browser for everything. Even to translate a document, you would have to use the web browser, but today I will tell you how to translate your texts in Linux with Crow Translate.

Crow Translate is a desktop app to translate texts in Linux

In general, if we want to use the services of translators, we turn to the web where the best known alternatives are Google Translator and Bing translator. However, every day web browsers consume more and more resources. This is why desktop applications are made that allow there are not so many processes in the browser. Crow Translator was born with this goal in mind.

Crow Translator is an open source application created with C++ and using the QT graphical library. Therefore, in many Linux distributions its integration is excellent. On the other hand, it has binaries for Windows, so it is cross-platform. To use the translations, use the APIs of Google, Bing and Yandex.

The application is quite simple, however, has interesting features:

  • Translate and speak text in any application that supports text selection.
  • Support 117 different languages (!!).
  • Low memory consumption (~20MB). Thanks to be made in C++.
  • Highly customizable shortcuts.
  • Command-line interface with rich options.
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One aspect that called my attention to the application is that the developer himself has created a library called QOnlineTranslator that supports Google, Bing and Yandex and is the engine of the application.

But one last detail that I can not forget, also supports voice dictation. Therefore, we are talking about a very simple but complete application that does its job very well.

How to install Crow Translate?

The application provides pre-compiled binaries for Windows and Linux. Specifically in DEB format. Therefore, installing it in Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives is not a problem.

To do this, you can download the package from Github. And then proceed to install it with Gdebi.

:~$ sudo apt install gdebi
:~$ sudo gdebi [file_path]

Next, launch it from the main menu.

1.- Translate your texts with Crow Translate
1.- Translate your texts with Crow Translate


The internet is a place where we can find a lot of information. But not always in our native language, so many times we will have to translate the text. Now we have an alternative on the desktop as Crow Translate.

Crow Translate is a QT app, so you can read our post about QTCreator.

How to install QTCreator on Ubuntu 18.04?

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