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Top Video editing Software in 2018

Whether you are new or a professional video editor, you already realized that videos are the best source of media to enjoy, promote, and learning things. Editing videos mean giving ideas to life and creating memories. That can not only last forever but also can be shareable with everyone. It doesn’t matter what camera you used to record videos, a perfect video editing can highlight what you want. If you want to edit videos, you need to know about the video editing software. There are lots of video editing software available out there. However, choosing the top video editing software regarding your needs might give you a headache. So, following are our top video editing software recommendations for you to get started.

  • Premiere Elements 2018:

    Premiere Elements 2018 is the latest release of Adobe Premiere products. It is a cross-platform and user-friendly video editing software. It offers most of the features of Adobe’s previous video editing software. Premiere Elements 2018 is the best choice for those, who want to edit videos but doesn’t have enough experience. It also offers advanced features for professional users to make premium videos. In addition, Premiere Elements offers almost any type of video editing supports with professional options.

  • PowerDirector 16 Ultimate:

    PowerDirector is the ultimate video editor for Windows users. It is the most powerful and easy to use video editing software from CyberLink. In order to become the most popular video editing software, it introduces some coolest features such as:

    • intelligent color correction,
    • express color griding,
    • intuitive movie making,
    • user-friendly tutorials and more.
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  • Corel VideoStudio:

As a beginner, Corel VideoStudio should be the best option to edit videos for you. It has a large library of Royalty Free music and supports 4K, 360 degrees VR and Multi-Cam editing. Corel VideoStudio also has a professional edition known as Corel VideoStudio Pro X10. For a YouTuber, Corel VideoStudio does the video editing even better than other well-known video editing software. Some of the coolest features of Corel VideoStudio are:

  • time remapping,
  • slow-motion effect,
  • high-speed and freeze effects,
  • professional looking user interface. and more.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro:

    Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline based video editing software developed by Adobe System. So long as a cross-platform application, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most popular video editing software for professionals worldwide. Also, capable of handling nearly any type of video format, Adobe’s Premiere Pro is ready to produce the video for any type of professional production, including film, television and the Web. It can even import and export footage from competitive software such as Final Cut Pro.

  • HitFlim Express:

    HitFlim Express is a professional video editing software for both Windows and MacOS. And it’s absolutely free to use. HitFilm Express has a minimal and user-friendly interface. The latest version of HitFilm Express supports Dolby audio decoding. As a matter of fact, it is packed with lots of professional quality features, such as:

    • advanced cutting tools,
    • audio and video filters,
    • layers and masking,
    • 3D video support and more.

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