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Top Free Send Fax Services in 2018

Faxing may sound old, but if you are a business owner you need this service all the time. When there is not always a fax machine available for small businesses, online send Fax Services comes handy. Online send fax services are easy to use and available anywhere, whether you use the desktop, laptop or mobile devices. If you wondering about the rate of sending fax services online, today’s topic is about the top online faxing services which can be used absolutely free. How do you use the services? Just visit their official site and sign up. Then, you can write/upload your documents, and fax them to multiple contacts.

  • FaxZero: FaxZero has the highest amount of users online. FaxZero allows you to send five faxes per day. And, maximum three pages per fax. It supports different formats such as DOC, DOCX, and PDF. The only downside of the FaxZero is -it places ads on the cover page.

Visit FaxZero FAQ to learn more about their services and availability.

  • GotFreeFax: GotFreeFax is one of the best send fax services available online. This well-known fax service offers to send the fax for absolutely free. And up to three pages per fax, two free faxes per day. If you need to send more than two faxes per day, you can purchase their premium packages regarding your needs. Using the premium packages has an extra advantage of using an encrypted connection.

Visit GotFreeFax to sign up and learn more about their services.

  • MyFax: MyFax offers the Microsoft Outlook plug-in, which made this service -the easiest and user-friendly among all the online send fax services. MyFax has 30-days trial to use all of their coolest features. Mentionable features of MyFax are:
    • supports more than forty countries,
    • supports images, docs, presentations and many more documents.
    • you can send two faxes within 24 hours.

Visit MyFax to use the best and efficient faxing service online.

  • FaxBetter Free: When it comes to sending fax online, FaxBetter free is another platform to send and receive faxes with some different and advanced features. Unlike MyFax or FaxZero, it counts on a monthly basis. You can send or receive fax up to 50 pages per month. It also offers email notification system. Which can be useful to know when you receive a fax via email.
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  • PamFax: PamFax is an International online fax service. It supports over 236 countries worldwide and has the free features to send/receive faxes online. PamFax also has the native application without the web interface. You can download PamFax on the different operating system as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Visit PamFax download page to choose your operating system and start faxing worldwide from anywhere.

  • HelloFax: HelloFax is designed for medium and small business to send/receive faxes online. It has built-in could storage integration like Google Drive, Evernote, One-Drive etc. Thus, ensures sending important documents and makes communication better between companies. Even if you can’t get rid of faxes, using HelloFax, you can get rid of fax machines.
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