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The Top 10 Data Backup Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

We can say that data backup copies are necessary. In fact, they are very useful to have files of all kinds saved. In addition, they prevent them from being lost in case of a computer attack. Or in case a computer crashes or anything else. But certain mistakes should be avoided. Therefore, we are going to tell you some of the most common ones. These are the mistakes you should not make if you want to protect your files correctly. You can create a copy of all the content on your mobile or computer, and save it in the cloud or on a hard drive. In case you need it in the future, you will be able to access that content. The goal is that it is available there and that no additional problems have occurred.

10 Data Backup Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Day

Not all backups are the same. In fact, you may make a small one, a much larger one, another one simply of certain folders, etc. But whatever the type of backup you are going to make, it is advisable to check some aspects that we are going to show you in order to avoid problems.

Have only one copy

This is a common mistake. We create a security copy of the files we have, and we think it is enough. It is clear that one data backup is better than none at all. However, the ideal is to have at least two. What happens if that backup copy has a problem just when you are going to need it? You would be left without the files.

For example, a good idea is to have two physical disks in different locations. It is also interesting to have a physical copy and another in the cloud. The idea is to have an alternative in case one fails. This way it will not happen that you have lost all the content.

Using an unreliable platform

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By this we mean the use of the cloud. There are many options on the Internet. However, not all of them are reliable. You could be using an insecure service that does not use good encryption. That means your files could be at risk. As a result, your backup could be exposed to anyone.

What you should do is to check very well which platform you use. Some like Google Drive or Dropbox are very popular and work well, but there are more. You can read reviews and ratings, to analyze if it is really reliable or not.

Not having a copy plan

It is a good idea to plan well when to create backups: Once a day? Once a week? This decision will depend on each case. However, you should at least have an idea so that you don’t spend too much time. So making such a backup can save your files from being lost forever in case something happens.

Logically, the more frequently you make these copies, the better. The less likely you are to lose a file before you have backed it up to your hard drive or the cloud platform you use.

Do not look at safety

Security is key. We come back to the same thing: beware of cloud platforms that do not meet minimum security standards. Avoid using pages that you find and that you have not checked well. You don’t really know if your files are going to be properly protected. Moreover, in case of a vulnerability you could have problems.

Therefore, always check the security very well. Type of encryption, that the applications are up-to-date, the way in which you can share the files with third parties, etc. Everything can have an influence.

Poor quality storage appliances

In this case, we are talking about physical disks where we can save the copies. Having one of poor quality can be a major problem. Do not buy a cheap one without really knowing what it is like. It could work well today. However, in a few months or a few years it may stop working, and you may lose everything you have stored.

A clear example is memory cards. In many cases, these cards are of very poor quality and do not have a long life span. The same can also happen with larger hard disks.

Small space

Backup copies will require more or less space, depending on what you need. It is not the same to create a data backup of just text documents, as it is to create a backup of the entire cell phone. Or the entire computer where you have many files of all kinds stored.

Think carefully about what space you need and choose a platform that suits your needs. If you are going to buy a hard disk, do not fall short. It is possible that today 1 TB is enough, for example, but maybe in 1 or 2 years you will need 2. Better to buy a 2 TB disk first and not have space problems soon.

Do not automate copies

Automating backups is interesting, and a mistake is not taking this option into account. For example, you may have a NAS server that allows you to schedule a backup every day at a certain time. Also, the new photos that you have on your cell phone can be copied directly when you connect to Wi-Fi.

This prevents you from forgetting to make copies. There is nothing better than uploading files automatically or shortly after creating or modifying them. You will always have up-to-date backups available.

Having little information on the data backup

This mistake may be related to others we have seen before. Basically, it is to hire a cloud service or buy a hard drive, but without having much information. Ideally, you should be well-informed, read reviews and reports from other people who have previously used it.

Once you have all the necessary information, then proceed to use that service to create your backups. You will avoid using one that does not work properly in the future and with which you may have problems.

Using something obsolete

This can happen both when using the cloud, and when buying a physical hard drive. Beware of this. In effect, it could mean that it stops working properly, that you don’t receive updates, or that you have general problems when using it. It is always best to use something that is currently supported and not obsolete.

In the case of hard drives, avoid buying a very old model, even if you see that it is cheap. It is better to opt for a more recent one. This allows you to both secure and improve performance when you are going to save files.

Sharing with the wrong people

Yes, this is another mistake when it comes to using the cloud and having backups. Maybe you decide to share something with someone else and what you do is upload everything to the cloud. The problem is that not only could that person misuse what you share, but they could attack your account and get to your files.

Therefore, it is advisable to limit who you share files with on the Internet. Always check who you are giving permissions to. Also limit those permissions to only certain files and change them once they have downloaded the content.

As you can see, there are certain mistakes to avoid when creating data backups. This can affect whether you use the cloud, as if you save the content physically. Always check everything very well, and you will not have problems impacting your files.

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