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The best software to recover deleted videos

Need to recover deleted videos? Here we bring you a selection of the best software currently available for recovering all kinds of files. Including, of course, those videos you have accidentally deleted. In each section we will talk about their features, price and compatibility with operating systems. We will certainly focus on Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, some of these tools are cross-platform. Read on to learn about some of the best software to recover deleted videos.

These are the best software for recovering deleted videos

Here are the best programs to recover deleted videos on your PC. We warn you that some of the options we have selected are paid, although they allow you to scan the storage to verify that it is possible to restore deleted files. We have chosen these applications:

  • Disk Drill
  • Recuva
  • Windows File Recovery
  • Recoverit
  • Glarysoft File Recovery Free
  • TestDisk
  • Data Recovery Wizard

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a data recovery software that can restore deleted or lost files on almost any storage device. Whether it’s a hard drive, USB flash drive or SD card, Disk Drill can scan it. It can also reconstruct hundreds of different file types, such as videos, audios, photos, and documents.

Disk Drill is available for Windows and macOS. It offers a free version that allows you to recover up to 500 MB of data. It also has a paid version that includes advanced features such as data loss protection, backup, and disk cloning. Furthermore, it is a very easy to use solution for recovering deleted videos and other data. I have checked it, it is one of the best software to recover deleted videos.


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Recuva is a program that allows you to recover videos deleted by accident or due to a system crash. In addition to video files, it is capable of recovering any type of file that you have lost, such as photos, music, or documents. Its wizard allows you to select the location of the files. That is, no matter it is internal storage, memory cards, external hard drives or USB flash drives.

It is available for Windows and is very easy to start. Just select the disk or device where you want to search for lost files to bring up a list of files that can be restored. You can also use the advanced mode to filter the results by name, date, or size. It has a paid version, although it works completely without paying anything.

Windows File Recovery

Windows File Recovery is an official Microsoft tool that lets you recover deleted videos from your computer, a USB drive, a memory card or any other storage device. One point in favor of this application is that it supports a wide range of files, from photos to documents, including videos, of course.

This is a command line tool. To download it, go to the Microsoft Store and click on Get. Then, type winfr command followed by the source drive, the destination drive and the parameters you want to use. It has different recovery modes depending on the type of file and the state of the disk. It is a free tool, although somewhat complex to start with. We recommend you to visit its official documentation to learn more about how it works.


Recoverit is a data recovery software that makes it easy for you to recover deleted videos. It supports any type of file. In addition to videos, you can restore photos, documents, or emails. It supports internal or external hard drives, USB drives, memory cards or devices.

What about its limitations? Unfortunately, it has a free version that allows you to rescue up to 100 MB, a very low amount of data, especially if you are going to recover deleted videos. Of course, if you need to recover more data or access advanced features, you can always upgrade to the premium version that offers different recovery modes according to your needs.

Glarysoft File Recovery Free

Glarysoft File Recovery Free is a free file recovery utility. With it, restoring almost all types of files, such as photos, documents, videos and more is really easy.

Its interface is accessible, with a wizard mode that guides you through the recovery process. First, it scans the possible deleted videos for recovery. Then, it offers to save them to a location. Glarysoft File Recovery Free is compatible with virtually all versions of Windows and with FAT, NTFS, NTFS + EFS file systems.


TestDisk is a free data recovery software that allows you to recover lost partitions. It also has a curious tool to make bootable disks work again. It supports FAT, NTFS and ext file systems.

Furthermore, it is important to explain that this application works from the command line, something that, at first, might put you off. However, it is quite easy to master this tool, following the steps that appear on the screen.

Data Recovery Wizard

Finally, let’s talk about Data Recovery Wizard. This tool, like the others, facilitates the recovery of deleted videos, either by mistake, accidental formatting or by the action of a virus. It works as usual. It scans the drive or directory and reports the files that can be restored. You can search for deleted videos on hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards or digital cameras.

The whole process is carried out very simply, thanks in part to its intuitive interface. To top it off, it comes with two scanning modes: a fast one and a deep one, to adapt to different needs and situations. Another plus point is that it will give you a hand on Windows, but also on macOS.

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