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The best programs to make outlines and concept maps.

Hello! Occasionally, it is necessary to present information in an abbreviated form. This may be for work or academic reasons. With this in mind are available the outlines or mind maps. Indeed, they will be very useful to capture any idea that we want to convey graphically by linking different concepts. Certainly, this task can be a bit tedious to elaborate. However, certain programs and web applications are great for making diagrams and mind maps. Schematic applications can be very useful in different fields. Consequently, today, we will see The best programs to make outlines and concept maps.

What are outlines and concept maps?

An outline implies a means of visualizing ideas or concepts by relating them in a hierarchical manner. Consequently, it is possible to recognize certain patterns in visual images. Consequently, they facilitate learning and recall. Therefore, they are widely used in the academic environment. Making diagrams helps us to better organize our ideas visually. In addition, it allows us to keep track of all of them and thus elevate our problem-solving skills. In this way, we get a better productivity.

On the other hand, we can add notes, images, hyperlinks or files. In short, everything that allows us to express clearly and concisely all that we want to transmit and remember.

A concept map is a diagram developed to understand a specific topic by relating the elements that compose it. In this way they allow you to remember any specific topic. There are 4 types of concept maps:

  • Spider maps: it starts with the main concept in the scepter. From there the other concepts are born sideways as if they were the legs of a spider.
  • Hierarchical: these maps present the information in order of importance. Generally, from top to bottom, with different levels of hierarchy that are determined by the map creator.
  • Flow: with this type of concept map, we can show information linearly. In this way, we follow the entire flow of the information provided, which makes it possible to clearly show the processes.
  • System map: Similar to flow. However, it is more complete. Indeed, the branches can be broken down into other ideas, so that other inputs and outputs are handled.

Schematic applications

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Next, we are going to see different applications to make diagrams to install in our computer. In this way, to facilitate this task.

XMind, organize your ideas and keep track of them.

This program will help us with the creation of both outlines and concept maps. In this way, we organize ideas and keep track of all of them, improving productivity. With this tool we can create our maps to relate concepts, add notes, images, hyperlinks or files. Consequently, it is possible to have well-organized information to remember.

The tool offers multiple preset schemes. They are organized by various categories such as timeline, spine and matrix, idea map, tree chart, among others. We can also add labels, set a priority order, insert smiley, arrows, etc. In addition, it has icons of people, symbols, month and week. Once finished we can export them in Word, Excel, PDF or PNG format. It is also possible to share it as a link to other people and add it to social networks.

This application has a free trial version that will add a watermark to the final result. To use it permanently, you need to pay an amount starting from $39.99 for 6 months.

GitMind provides a professional look and feel to the schematics.

The most interesting thing about this app is that it is free. However, it is very complete. With it, we have the possibility to make all kinds of concept maps, diagrams, flowcharts, flowcharts, UML diagrams, Ishikawa diagrams, among others. For this purpose, it has a wide gallery of templates and elegant themes. As a result, you will get a professional result in the outlines and mind maps.

It is possible to customize and visualize our maps with icons, images, and color. It also allows you to switch between the schematic and the concept map with just one click. We can also export and import our projects to images, PDF or other formats. It is also possible to share them online with anyone, enabling online collaboration. This makes it easy to create schematics from anywhere.

GitMind is a free app available from the developer’s website. In addition, it is cross-platform, so it offers compatibility with Windows, Linux, and macOS computers.

Microsoft Visio, a very complete option.

This is one of the most complete applications for creating diagrams and mind maps on the computer. It has numerous elements to interact with such as templates, basic diagrams and symbols. This simplifies the tedious task of organizing ideas.

With this Microsoft program we will be able to create from flowcharts, to organization charts, through floor plans, network diagrams, brainstorming, among others. In addition, if we need online collaboration, we will be able to do it with OneDrive. Visio has a reduced version that is included in the Microsoft 365 package. This version is reserved for commercial users. However, we can purchase it from the Microsoft website.

Websites to make diagrams

On the other hand, it is possible to simplify these tasks without installing any software. For this purpose, we can resort to some websites.

SmartDraw, extensive library for making all kinds of diagrams

This is a well-known tool used to make all kinds of flowcharts, organization charts, project diagrams, mind maps, sketches, calendars, among others. It also has an extensive library of elements to help us with our creation. Similarly, it incorporates numerous objects that can be modified, grouped or changed by others of our choice.

The application is compatible with different Office tools allowing you to add diagrams to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. Its main drawback is the abundance of resources it consumes. Consequently, it is advisable to use a moderately powerful computer to be able to use it. A free trial version can be accessed from its official website. To use it permanently, you have to pay from $9.95 per month with annual billing.

MapsOfMind, make diagrams using customizable boxes

This application will help us create our own personal diagrams to better organize our daily tasks. Besides that, everything is done from the internet. Its user interface offers us a series of ideal functions for this type of tasks, through customizable boxes. In addition, it is possible to include elements such as text, list of tasks or links to other sites. All this will serve as a reference point for our diagrams.

On the other hand, projects are stored in different formats such as PDF, PNG and TXT. In addition, it is a free web application for home users.

In this way we have seen the best programs to make outlines and concept maps. So, there are several options for moving forward with the task. Bye!

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