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How to install the Windows subsystem for Linux on Windows 11

Hello! The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) has been a great idea from Microsoft. Indeed, it allows us to be able to run...

Use Windows 10 as a hacking system by installing Kali Linux

Hello! Windows and GNU/Linux is a relationship that was previously similar to water and oil. In fact, the differences were so vast that it...

How to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on Windows 10

Hi, how are you? Ubuntu 20.04 arrived on April 23rd of this year. In effect, this is a Long Term Support version, so it...

Learn how to install and use bash in Windows 10

Hi. Bash on Windows 10? Doesn't sound coherent, does it? The truth is I talk about bash, immediately Linux comes to mind. In fact,...

How to install and use bash in Windows 10

Hello, how are you? Today we're going to talk about a computer program well known to Linux users. This is Bash. It's a POSIX-compatible...

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