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windows terminal

This is the difference between terminal, console, shell and command line.

Hello! working in text mode, Manage from the command line, Open the console. All of them are expressions that refer to similar concepts and...

Some aspects and commands of Windows Terminal

Using the command line to perform certain actions has long seemed complicated. But for more advanced users, such as system administrators, using it is...

How to use the Windows 10 terminal

Hello! We have recently talked about what the terminal is. Well, it's time to dig a little deeper. Today, we will learn how to...

What is the terminal in Windows 10

Hello! Everyone who has used GNU/Linux knows what a terminal is and how useful it is. However, let's be clear, most people use Windows...

What is the PowerShell Gallery?

Hello! It is well known that Node.js project developers have a package repository. In addition, these repositories have code snippets. For example, NPM. Likewise,...

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