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VirtualBox Alternatives for Linux

In your lifetime, unless you’re a super easy-to-go lady/gentleman, you obviously heard the name of VirtualBox, right? It’s one of the most popular software...

How to Install Deeping Linux

If you’re a Linux enthusiast, you already know the name of Deeping Linux, right? This Linux system is a really cool one for using...

Install Manjaro Linux on VirtualBox

Manjaro Linux is a great Linux distro. It’s based on Arch Linux – the higher tier of Linux distros. As it’s based on Arch...

How to Install VirtualBox on Linux

VirtualBox is definitely one of the best software that can create and manage a virtual machine. A virtual machine is nothing more than a...

How to Backup VM(s) on VirtualBox

VirtualBox is one of the most widely used software for running virtual machines on lots of systems. Developed by Oracle, VirtualBox is truly a...

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