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This driver shuts down the antivirus and installs ransomware in Windows

Hi, how are you? It's amazing how hackers refine their techniques to attack pcs. Additionally, they continue to seek to breach user and operating...

A new variant of Snatch ransomware threatens Windows 10.

Hello, how are you? This time we are going to talk about security in Windows 10. Specifically about the ransomware is known as...

SynAttack Ransomware Now Using Process Doppelgänging

Ransomware is one of the most heinous pieces of software floating in the cyber world. They attack a computer, encrypts its files and asks...

LockCrypt Ransomware is cracked!

Ransomware is the trend of today’s malware attacks. We’ve seen some of the greatest ransomware attacks in the field. WannaCry was most feared. Following...

Zenis Ransomware – Deletes Your Backup and Encrypts Files

Ransomware has been the hot topic of security world for quite a few months. This is a type of attack that encrypts a system’s...

Robots under Ransom – Threat of Future

Ransom is one of the worst types of security issues all over the world. Recently, we also have observed the biggest ransomware attacks in...

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