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Squid Proxy: How to install and configure it on Ubuntu 18.04 / 16.04.

If you're a sysadmin I probably don't have to explain much about what a proxy is. However, I'm aware that not everyone handles these...

How to install MyWebSQL on CentOS 7?

yu<?2.In this article, I will show you how to install MyWebSQL on CentOS 7. The tutorial is simple to do, but first I'll tell...

How to install lighttpd web server on Ubuntu 18.04?

On this site, we have talked a lot about web servers as it is a very popular topic in the development of current applications....

How to install OpenMediaVault: A solution for your NAS

Linux is an open system is adaptable for many different things due to the availability of its source code. In addition, as it is...

How to install Linux Dash monitoring tool on Ubuntu 18.04?

A server administrator must be aware of the processes that take place on it, its performance as well as the behavior it has when...

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