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How to install OpenSUSE 15.1?

We have a new version of OpenSUSE and it has arrived with new features. In this way, it is possible that many new users...

OpenSUSE 15.1 is available!!

After several months of development, the OpenSUSE community team announced a new version. I am talking about version 15.1 based on SUSE Linux Enterprise...

How to install NodeJS on OpenSUSE 15 / OpenSUSE 15.1?

NodeJS is a practically vital tool in web development, but not only for developers. Many sysadmins require it to be running on servers so...

How to install Jenkins on OpenSUSE 15 / SUSE 15?

If we talk about Linux servers, the first thing we'll think about is Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS. However, more and more companies are relying...

How to install Java on OpenSuse 15 Leap?

Recently, Oracle released a new version of Java, the well-known software platform that includes its development components and virtual machine. Inside the development kit,...

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