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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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The Linux cat command

Friends today I am going to teach you about the Linux cat command. This command is quite simple to learn but quite useful in...

The Linux head command

Hi, folks. We're still exploring the terminal and this time we're going to focus on the Linux head command. So let's go for it. If...

Synchronous data Using rsync Command in Linux

Introduction Rsync, remote synchronize is known as a remote synchronization function of the software, it synchronizes files at the same time, can maintain the original...

Linux Nmap network scanning tool installation and use

This paper introduces the installation and use of the Nmap network scanning tool under centos. NMAP is a popular network scanning and sniffing tools is...

How to use CURL command on Linux?

On our site, there are many tutorials that have helped you learn about Linux, but in them, there is a very particular command called...

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