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Command line

How to shutdown and reboot Windows Server 2022 with commands.

We continue to explore the features of Windows Server 2022. It is well known that this is Microsoft's next solution for enterprise environments. Well,...

How to delete files and folders from CMD in Windows 10

Hi, how are you? Windows was born with the purpose of providing users with a graphical interface when using the computer. In fact, in...

How to install apps in Windows 10 with the command line

Hi, how are you? For all traditional Windows users, installing apps has no secrets. In fact, you just have to download the installer, run...

How to use ZCAT and CAT commands on GNU/LINUX

Many people find it difficult to use the terminal of a GNU/LINUX distribution, and this makes it difficult for them to learn how to...

How to add/remove user accounts with the command line in Windows 10?

The creation of individual user accounts enables each user to have customized settings, themes, document settings and more. The conventional way to do this...

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