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Learn how to install and use bash in Windows 10

Hi. Bash on Windows 10? Doesn't sound coherent, does it? The truth is I talk about bash, immediately Linux comes to mind. In fact,...

Write a Bash Script to Queue Links for youtube-dl

Most people use YouTube. However, if you are like me and don’t like streaming your digital content and instead prefer to have raw media...

Bash Auto Completion

When you’re on Linux, the art of “terminal and commands” is a daily dose. The terminal is a powerful solution for the Linux platform...

C Shell – The Programmer’s Shell

For running the command lines and scripts, there are a number of available shells for the Linux platform. We’ve already talked about ZSH, one...

Switch to ZSH on Linux

If you’re a Linux user, since the very beginning, you’re familiar with the terminal. It’s the ultimate tool that can perform almost any task....

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