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Suse Sold for $2.5 Billion

Suse is one of the longest-running commercial Linux distros. At present, Suse also plays a really important role in the infrastructure of the open-source software. In fact, Suse has become a major player in the field. For any company, the ownership change is a part of its life cycle and Suse is no different. We’ve already seen several ownership changes for Suse. The latest change took place very recently. Micro Focus, the last owner of Suse, announced that the ownership is going to be handed over to EQT – a private equity firm and venture capital fund.

Suse past

Novell, the past owner of Suse, handed over the ownership to The Attachment Group in 2010. Then, Micro Focus owned Suse back in 2014 from The Attachment Group. Now, EQT is going to take over Suse for $2.535 billion.

It’s a normal scenario that ownership changes come up with a troubling stage for all companies and in many cases, they fail to keep up with their names. But Suse has proven to be different. Despite its ownership change over the course, it didn’t only emerge stronger but became a major role in the industry. Today, at the enterprise level, Suse is obviously a popular name. In the field of open-source software, Suse passionately engaged with tons of projects and helped the community a lot. The contribution is not a joke.

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So, this might be a question – why Micro Focus sold Suse? The answer is obvious (sort of). Despite Suse managed to live and grow further under the umbrella of Micro Focus, there were some major patches that Micro Focus faced during the course of its business. The major disappointment was acquiring Hewlett Packard Enterprise back in 2016 for $8.8 billion that didn’t get any major success. It’s natural to assume that for coping with their situation, they decided to sell off Suse.

About EQT

The current owner of Suse is an interesting one, to be honest. The firm doesn’t have too much popularity. The portfolio of the farm also includes other tech companies and most of them are unheard of before. There are also some real estate groups, consumer goods business, healthcare services and a few energy companies in the mix.

Want more topics about Suse? The open-source Linux distro from Suse – the openSUSE 15 was released not very long ago. The latest version is designed for giving a familiar environment of Suse Enterprise Linux. This ensures that users will have ease shifting from the open-source platform to the enterprise one. Learn how to install openSUSE 15.

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