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Suplemon – The Powerful Text Editor

A text editor is one of the essential tools for any Linux system. If you’re a Linux user, you already know how to use a text editor for thousands of purposes. By default, Linux comes up with Nano text editor for the terminal. Nano is a powerful one, yet not user-friendly. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use text editor instead of Nano, try Suplemon – a cool text editor built for everyone.

Suplemon features

As a text editor, there are tons of features that Suplemon offers. It’s a complete package that mimics Sublime Text with some additional tweaks.

  • Multi-cursor editing support.
  • Powerful syntax highlighting with text mate themes.
  • Easy undo/redo function
  • Supports autocomplete
  • “Find”, “Find next” and “Find all” functions
  • Mouse support
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts with easy default shortcuts

Install Suplemon

Suplemon can be installed via simple commands. But first, make sure that you install PIP (from Python) to work smoothly. Here’s the complete step-by-step guide.

  • Install PIP.
sudo apt install python-pip         [Debian/Ubuntu]

# yum install epel-release 
# yum install python-pip            [CentOS/RHEL]

# dnf install python-pip            [Fedora]

# zypper install python-pip         [OpenSUSE]

# pacman -S python2-pip             [Arch Linux]
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  • Install “setuptools”.
sudo pip install setuptools

  • Install Suplemon.
sudo pip install suplemon


Using Suplemon is pretty simple and easy. It’s just the same as you would use Nano.

For demonstration, here’s a file on the “Desktop” named “test.txt”. In order to open it via Suplemon, we have to follow the following commands:

cd ~/Desktop
suplemon test.txt

The interface will look like this:

Here are the default shortcut keys by Suplemon. If you want to edit them, you have to follow the instructions from here.

  • Exit – CTRL + Q
  • Copy – CTRL + C
  • Cut lines – CTRL + X
  • Save file – CTRL + S
  • Run Suplemon commands – CTRL + E

Wherever you would use Nano, you can now use Suplemon as the text editor.

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