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Some Graphical Clients for Git

Linux development and administration tools are Terminal applications. However, thanks to the contribution of the community many of them have third-party applications that add a graphical interface. Some are paid and others are free but the important thing is the functionality they add to the tool in question. For example, recently I was telling you about Git, an important tool in the development of applications, but its use is through the console. Today, I will show you some graphical clients for Git. So, that way you can be more productive with Git.

Git is perhaps the best version control system there is. There are many advantages and features that make them. In addition, it is used by many developers and major companies. However, its main use is through the Linux terminal, and not many developers would use it for daily work where productivity reigns. That’s when third-party applications are required that provide a reliable graphical interface for the use of Git. With this, you will increase the productivity and quality of the applications. So, it is not mandatory to use them, but I think they are good alternatives.

So, I will show you some graphical clients for Git.

Graphical clients for Git

1. GitKraken

GitKraken is one of the most professional solutions to complement the use of Git. It is created in Electron which guarantees that it can run on different operating systems. With it, we can see our repositories, commits and development branches in a very simple way.

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1.- Gitkraken
1.- Get Kraken

The tool has a paid version for companies and another version for personal projects. It has integration with GitHub and Gitlab and with it, managing our programs becomes very easy.

To install it, just use flatpak. So it’s something like that:

:~$ flatpak install --user https://flathub.org/repo/appstream/com.axosoft.GitKraken.flatpakref

Sure, you must install Flatpak in your favorite distribution.

2. Aurees Git Client

Aurees is a Git client that stands out for its ease of use and clean graphical interface. Like GitKraken we can access our repositories very quickly and easily. In addition, it has an ideal syntax highlighting to examine changes made. On the other hand, it has versions for different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.

2.- Aurees gti client
2.- Aurees git client

On the other hand, Aurees is not available for all Linux distributions. By accessing your very simple website, we have an installer available only for Ubuntu 14.04 and above. By downloading the package we can install it with dpkg or gdebi.

3. UnGit

There is another tool that works through the browser and is UnGit. Created in Node.js uses and takes advantage of web technologies to bring us a git client multiplatform and highly configurable. It has a fairly simple and intuitive graphical interface that will make working with Git quite simple.

3.- Ungit
3.- Ungit

In addition, one of the great advantages that UnGit gives us is that it integrates perfectly with several popular text editors such as Atom or brackets. So the workflow is guaranteed.

To install it, you have to install node.js first.

Next, run this command:

:~$ npm install -g ungit

Finally, run it:

:~$ ungit

So, that’s it.


Git is a necessary tool to develop quality applications. Using it is not complicated but using these tools becomes much less complicated. Of all of them, GitKraken is outlined as the most complete but it is interesting that there are many alternatives.

And you? Which of these tools do you use? Did you know they existed? do you know others? let us know in the comments.

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