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Simplenote on Linux

Taking notes is a really important thing to do in lots of scenarios, especially if you found out some important info and plan to use it later on. Keeping notes is also a useful habit for different situations. For the Linux platform, Simplenote is a really handy one.

Simplenote is a note-taking app from the creators of WordPress. It allows users to take text notes, categorize with tags and even share them with friends! Simplenote is a quite popular choice among the Linux community for being an open-source project. The tool can also keep your notes in-sync across the internet. Moreover, you can access all your notes via the Android and/or iOS app.

Why wait? Let’s get Simplenote today!

Getting Simplenote

Simplenote is available in multiple formats – native Linux app (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE, Arch Linux) and snap (universal). You can also use Simplenote AppImage.

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Follow the instructions according to your Linux distro and preference.

  • Ubuntu/Debian

Get the latest DEB package of Simplenote.

Then, run the following commands –

cd ~/Downloads/

sudo dpkg -i Simplenote-linux-1.3.2-amd64.deb

sudo apt-get install -f

  • Fedora/OpenSUSE

Get the latest RPM package of Simplenote.

Then, run the following commands –

# Fedora

sudo dnf install Simplenote-linux-1.3.2-amd64.rpm

# OpenSUSE

sudo zypper install Simplenote-linux-1.3.2-amd64.rpm
  • Arch Linux

Make sure that your system is ready for grabbing the source and “base-devel” –

sudo pacman -S git base-devel

Get the latest AUR release of Simplenote –

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/simplenote-electron-bin.git

Start the building process –

cd simplenote-electron-bin/
makepkg -sri
  • Snap

Run the following command for installing Simplenote

sudo snap install simplenote

Using Simplenote

Start Simplenote –

At first, you have to login into your Simplenote account.

After the login is complete, enjoy your notes across all your devices!

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