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Which Is More Secure? Tor vs proxy vs vpn?

What is tor?

Tor which is also called “The Onion router” is services that allow the users to get access to internet without showing their identity. You can say it is decentralized system that allows users to connect to network without direct access to internet. The benefit of using Tor is that your identity will not show. Infect you can say your IP address will be hidden from sites you will use and your connection will be from server to server and you can do your work without showing your identity.

What is VPN?

A VPN is a significantly more complex device when contrasted with an intermediary. A VPN not just encourages you to adapt to oversight concerns yet it likewise deals with your security and namelessness. VPN builds a safe passage utilizing distinctive conventions (PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, SSTP, SoftEther, and so on.) between your PC and your coveted goal on the web. That is not it, A VPN additionally utilizes abnormal state encryption to scramble all the movement going through its servers.

What is proxy?

As the name proposes, intermediary is a server which goes about as an extension between the client and the web. Any activity steered through an intermediary server will seem to originate from the intermediary’s IP rather than your own particular IP. Truth be told, the extension shaped as a substitute server helps your demand through the way and courses the movement as asked. Since your IP has been covered, oversight confinements forced by your nearby experts won’t influence you any longer. Be that as it may, intermediary servers don’t utilize any sort of encryption to secure the movement which goes through them.

There are two types of proxy.

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 1. Public proxy.

 2. Private proxy.

Private proxies are usually paid because it provides more security, reliability and stability than public proxy.

Which is more secure and reliable?

How tor Protect Internet Connection

Tor is the service that most people use when they talk about secure while internet connection .But there are still many people who will be new on this topic.

  • Tor uses network of tor servers. So it becomes impossible to find from where the data is originated. Tor is run by volunteers of tor team. As data flows on network, it is encrypted so any third party cannot see data. By sending data using tor people will not able to see your IP address and your encrypted data will send to tor servers which are called relays.
  • Before any description of data, it is necessary to unclear data and send to server from any server of Tor.

That’s why hackers and government agencies cannot detect the host server from which request is sent.


  • But there are some drawbacks of tor that FBI and U.S government also involve into services.FBI agencies can also pay for Tor attacks. Once FBI had paid Carnegie Mellon University researcher for attack to Tor servers.
  • Government and FBI also can help criminals by revealing data of Tor servers.
  • Not surety of network integrity.

Proxy servers

Due to security issues and increasing amount of cyber attacks, now a day people are more conscious about security .Remain online without showing your identity is a smart idea these days. The problem is in this area of technology and so many methods of security you will be confused that which one is better than all. Tor, VPN and Proxy have its own advantages and disadvantages. So here is question that which is better to use. Is it Tor, VPN or proxy? Which is more secure? Should use combination of any two or only one? Here I will describe all one by one.


  • Public proxy servers are free totally.
  • It is excellent for simple web browsing.
  • They can open geo-restricted content also.


  • Its encryption is week. Third party can easily decrypt that proxy.
  • You will be unaware of who is handling proxy server and they can spy your data.
  • Blocked by many websites
  • You may be sharing proxy server with criminal.



  • You can trust on it.
  • Use strong encryption method.
  • It is more secure than other two because it’s the combination of proxy and tor.
  • They also use firewall, private DNS, DNS leak protection.


  • VPNs are not free.
  • It requires memory and processing to use VPN.

VPN versus Proxy 

  • In this day and age, we confront different worries in the digital world. Some are identified with our protection on the web while others need to do with restriction arrangements. Ordinary, we confront another test. Amidst this tumult, on the off chance that we figure out how to discover some peace by any shot, government spying and mass reconnaissance comes to frequent us. To dispose of every single such thing, a ton of clients swing to VPNs or Proxies however the situation is that individuals don’t generally comprehend the distinction between them two. To enable you to comprehend the contrast between both we will complete a basic correlation which will enable you to choose if a VPN is better for you or an intermediary.
  • VPN – It offers an abnormal state encryption of up to 256-piece. It makes it relatively unimaginable for anybody to interrupt your online security.
Attributes VPN Proxy
Online Privacy 10 6
Online Security 9.9 3
Association Speed 9 6
Online Freedom 10 7
OS/Multidevice Compatibility 10 3
Reliability 10 5
Administration Stability 9 5



It offers an exceptionally poor level of security. An intermediary server does not scramble any movement which goes through its servers by any means, making it simple to capture and screen your association.

  • Online Privacy 

With VPN every one of your information is completely scrambled and consequently, nobody can barge in your security, not even your ISP can screen your exercises. When utilizing a Proxy, anybody can catch your private information.

  • Online Freedom

With VPN, you can get to any site from anyplace on the planet. Intermediary works for specific situations and can’t enable you to sidestep solid firewalls and control.

  • Association Speed 

VPN – With a VPN, your association speed won’t be affected as VPNs offer some awesome highlights like SOCKS Proxy, savvy DNS and so on.

  • OS/Multidevice Compatibility 

VPN works with all OS and gadgets, for example, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Routers.

  • Administration Stability

 VPN is the most refined instrument to guarantee your online security, protection and   flexibility at same time. Henceforth, 100% solid.

  • Unwavering quality 

VPN is dependable and secures all friendly system associations.


VPN – Ultra quick fast, secure and simple 

Vpn use the advantages of tor & proxy. That’s why it is more secure than tor & proxy. It is all in one package and more reliable. VPN is unquestionably unrivaled in all angles when contrasted with an intermediary. It gives larger amounts of secrecy to secure your online exercises. Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that your ISP isn’t observing you, VPN is a victor without a doubt. Along these lines, in the event that you are extremely genuine about being mysterious with regards to your online exercises without trading off your speed, VPN is the appropriate response, not an intermediary.

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