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nnn: a terminal file manager for Linux

As we all know, the terminal is one of the most powerful tools that Linux has. In fact, there are so many things we can do with them that they are simply almost innumerable. It is not all GNU commands or utilities in the terminal but terminal-specific applications. In this sense, today I will talk to you about nnn file manager. A file manager for the Linux terminal with which you will be much more productive and agile.

A look at this great file manager for Linux

There are too many tools to make the most of the terminal. Nnn is one of them because it is a file manager that runs on the terminal.

The application is quite fast and light, thanks to the fact that it is made in C Language. That is to say, thanks to nnn we will be able to “write less and do more“. Besides, it is open source which guarantees that the source code is auditable in search of bugs.

On the other hand, the application has a very useful default configuration, that is to say, that once it is installed it is ready to start working.

The nnn features

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Although it is an application made for the terminal is very complete. With nnn we will have two display modes available, one detailed and one lighter.

Also, the application allows us to have a very useful disk analyzer. In addition, the classic thing that we can expect in a manager of files as they are the markers, filters of searches and extraction of compressed files.

On the other hand, nnn is easy to navigate thanks to the keyboard arrows, but also for its wide keyboard shortcuts that allows you to open a file, create new ones and delete them. That’s its main strength.

1.- The shortcuts of this file manager for Linux
1.- The shortcuts of this file manager for Linux

Just type ? to display all the shortcuts.

How to install this file manager on Linux?

The Linux file manager nnn has installers for many distributions. So installing it is quite simple. Open a terminal and run the command according to the distribution you use.

:~$ sudo apt install nnn
:~$ sudo pacman -S nnn
:~$ sudo zypper in nnn

Finally, if you are using Fedora:

:~$ sudo dnf install nnn

Next, run it from the terminal by typing:

:~$ nnn

So, enjoy it.


Productivity is something you can’t buy. Then it is a good idea to have tools that help you save time. Nnn is a file manager for the Linux terminal that helps to be more productive in the terminal. Especially for sysadmin and server administrators who spend a lot of time in the terminal. It has many useful features, just need to take a look.

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