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Nitrux 1.3.2 available

Nutrix is a Linux distribution based directly on Ubuntu, it also uses the Calamare installer. With the addition of NX Desktop and NX Firewall, it features the KDE Plasma desktop in conjunction with KDE applications. On the other hand, founder Uri Herrera announces the release of a new version Nitrux 1.3.2. With new software updates, bug fixes, and performance improvements and hardware support.

The new version of Nitrux, has the Linux kernel 5.6.0-1021 of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa). With KDE 5.74.0 framework, KDE applications 20.11.70, Nvidia 450.66, LibreOffice 7.0.1 and Mozilla Firefox 80

Nitrux 1.3.2: What’s New?

  • The major change of Nitrux 1.3.2 is the replacement of the current Systemd as the default startup system. Instead, the OpenRC startup system will be the default. Consequently, this change affects current users who have Nitrux installed on their computers, so the developers of Nitrux strongly recommend that you reinstall the operating system.
  • Also, another important update of Nutrix 1.3.2 is the addition of a new Wayland session. You can now access it from the SDDM access manager. However, the Wayland session will not be active by default.
  • The latest version of Nitrux, also added new components such as Docker to build AppImages using the appimage-builder. Nitroshare to share files on the same network.
  • Among the bug fixes, Nitrux 1.3.2 has solved the problems of collapsing when selecting a different region than America in the new Calamares-QML installer ported to QML.
  • The command line tree utility, whose purpose is to help display the contents of a directory in a tree format.

For more information, please consult the official announcement


Nutrix is a Linux distribution for 64-bit only, they do not yet have support for 32-bit.

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The monthly cycle of publications of Nitrux continues, with the arrival of version 1.3.2. Where it includes corrections of collapse, updates of the new session of Wayland.

Replacing Systemd as the default boot system instead of the default boot system uses OpenRC.

In contrast, with the new session (Wayland) it currently works better with an Intel and AMD graphics card. The session can also run Nvidia graphics cards, with reduced performance.

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