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New Start Menu Design for Windows 10

New start menu design for Windows 10 arrives. Microsoft confirmed the change via a podcast. The dynamic icons do not disappear but are modified. After many rumors and leaks, finally Microsoft itself has confirmed the new design of the Windows 10 start menu. In this one the dynamic icons are not going to disappear. Although this does not imply that the design is more dynamic than the previous one.

The arrival of Windows 10X generated expectations about its start menu. The users thought that this would be the one that would arrive to Windows 10. Counting with more modern icons, and leaving behind the dynamic icons. However, Microsoft ended all the rumors through a podcast for the members of Windows Insider. In the mentioned one it finally showed the new design of the start menu. Both with the dark and the light theme.

Actual look of the Windows 10 start menu in a Lumia

The Windows 10 start menu is now more modern

Obviously, the dynamic icons are still present. But they do receive changes. So, from now on, the color blocks are removed and the background color of each one is unified. This gives a more refined and unified appearance. This, along with some icons based on Fluent Design (some already available on computers). Also, they do not have a background color. This adds modernity. In the following image we can see the current look for comparison.

Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, said that the dynamic icons will not go away, and “those who like them will be able to continue using them”. With these words, he suggests that although they will still be available, they may not be the default option.

“those who like them will be able to continue using them”

Brandon LeBlanc, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
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Also, the fact that they are still included now does not mean that they will continue to be included in the next major updates. They have not made any final decision at this time. What they do will depend on the response they get from users using Windows 10X.

Last year, sources close to Microsoft claimed that the company was going to remove them because hardly anyone was using them. Also, very few developers implement them in their apps. Because most of them use static icons. Therefore, there is an increasingly clear trend towards removing them rather than keeping them.

Therefore, this new Windows 10 start menu design brings the entire operating system design closer to Fluent Design. We do not yet know the date of arrival of this new menu. This is because it has not appeared in any Insider builds so far. If it arrives with Windows 10 2004, the new menu should appear this March or April or so. Okay, that’s it for now. Please stay tuned for the latest news on Windows 10. Bye!

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